Drawing/Sketching fundementals thread


forums arent closing man. owners of srk are switching from vanilla forum to discourse.


@PozerWolf btw …how long did it take you to do that recent animation? and how many frames is that exactly? looks like 63 from what i see.
@“Sexperienced.” that homework assignment of each of us making our own comic strip sounds like fun.
as long as its
-jjust one page minimum requirement. but allowed to make as many pages as one likes.
-and no time limit for when its due.
i’ll prob use medibang cause comic strip paneling is so damn easy with it


Oh shit, haven’t been keeping up about the forums. I thought it was done mode for good.

It’s drawn in 2s so it’s about half of that all done via traditional.
Drawing it only took about less than an hour, but before I started drawing I had to plan it out the scene (you can see some of the planning I did in the first few frames with the lines to judge the Perspective).

However, certain key frames (like 1, 13, 25, 37, and 49 ) I’d draw first to measure the distance. Quality of the broom would increase every time it reached one of these key frames to show depth that it’s getting closer to the camera. I also tried to make sure the Top and Bottom of the broom stick stayed within the lines of perspective and adjusted accordingly if it looked off. Of course, some parts still look off, but overall I kind of got lazy and rushed some parts since I was hitting deadline of the assignment.
The “easy fix” mention in this situation would have been making the last 5 frames of the stick Longer. Doing so would have created the illusion of consistency, regardless of the errors during the walk. Not to mention, coloring does a REALLY good job of masking these errors, as color in itself is another illusion that fixes these type of issues. Plus, there’s always the “clean up” phase, where it’s per tea easy to make any adjustments after the rough is done.

So I would say the animation was more preparing than anything else. Once prepared, it was actually really easy.


*Yes, the minimum required number of pages is one and the maximum just two (A4 sized) pages but I think we should all agree on doing the same number of pages per story. It might be a bit weird if someone does 10 pages and someone else does just one. The work will be easier to critique if we all do the same number of pages.

*I’ll agree with the no time limit.

*Anyone can decide the story.

*The work should be completed and showcased in pencil, black and white, or grey-scale, but after this you can resubmit the same illustration in colour if you want.


but im a little confused about one thing. each of us comes up with their own individual story independent of one another? or should we all consolidate and decide on one story/premise and each of each make a few pages of the same story? like a joint collab.


My bad, I meant we can all suggest ideas for stories, then we agree on which story to do first. If we have more than one good idea we can do each story one after the other.

Pozerwolf, I’m interested in learning some animation techniques. Can you recommend me some books that cover everything I need to know about animation?


mmm. i suggest we do action/adventure genre first. cuz even if we are funny since everyone on srk has a sense of humor, in my opinion, comedy is much harder. we can try tackling the comedy genre later.

the only idea i have regarding action comic…
well, i thought, what are the 3 coolest things on earth.
and vampires.

so i was thinking, one ninja as the protagonist, sorta like Strider, but not Strider…infiltrates the antagonist/boss villain headquarters, and said boss is a vampire…and ninja has to fight his or her way through guardian robots to reach final boss aka vampire.
thats my idea.
but the cool thing about these 3 cool character types is that they can be interchangable.
hero can be a vampire, ninja the villain with robot henchmen.
or robot can be hero fighting ninjas to reach vampire. any character can play role.


So is the ending of the story the outcome of the confrontation between the protagonist and the main boss or does it end with the henchmen? Do we get to decide whether the main villain loses or not, so can we give an unexpected twist ending?


you guys can decide anything you want. whether its the ending, the villain losing or not, twist ending. etc.
i just know it should have ninja robot and vampire. as long as we see all 3 at some point make an appearance.
the pages i planned to draw involved ninja reaching hQ of vampiire futuristic castle by aircraft, dropping out the sky before aircraft crashes from anti aircraft fire.
sorta like intro to shinobi ps2.
and then ninja being confronted by patrol robot,or robots after he lands. since there can be multiple robots, since in my vision the robot character is just henchmen. but i think there should be just one hero, one villain, but the third role of henchmen can be multiples of the same character.
for example, if we decide robot is the hero, there can be multiple ninja henchmen for robot to face off against.


OK, understood it seems pretty straight forward.


anyone else have any other ideas theyd like to share?


The comic book thing sounds cool.
My design choices still suck as im still at cringe phrase. Trying to level that up lol.

The only animation books I’m aware of is “Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit” and Preston Blair’s cartooning book that offers neat animation tips.
You can find Preston B’s book here (the original/optimal version. The re-prints suck);

Funny enough, I’ve yet to look into Richard’s book and I’m only about half way into Preston’s book.
Most of my animation teachings are coming from Don Bluth, who recommends we check out P Blair and just mimic favorite artists on the side.
Otherwise, I can try to answer any animation questions that come up, but I’m still learning myself.


Been following this thread for a while. It’s always been a dream of mine to actually be able to draw at a decent level. Never knew where to start and really felt lost on how to improve. After my hype for dbfz and monster Hunter die down, I plan on setting aside time to actually get into things. Probably make it a full time hobby to improve. Any free time I have will probably be invested into drawing.

I plan on trying to get my son interested in it when he gets old enough too lol. Get him started at a young age and hopefully he enjoys it. Would be cool to improve together.


That comic page idea seems cool, I need to get back into drawing but I’d have to do it digital if that’s ok?


its ok. just A4 size the digital page.

check this out.
figma company that makes action figures came out with a “museum” series where they have famous works of art but posable. its a trip.


im getting mindfucked by seeing The Thinker statue posable. not to mention Venus de Milo with arms lol.


Abbachio, Like Stocky said, but try to present it in just black and white, or greyscale. You can add colour at a later date or when I start a discussion on colour theory.


*OK, Do I need to attend any coursers if I want to learn everything I need to know about animation, or can I be self taught if I have the motivation? I’m not looking for a career in animation but I think having a decent grasp of it will come in handy at some point.
*That book seems to ony show a particular style of animation. Will this be an issue if I want to create something more realistic?
*Besides the book is their software/hardware that I need to get?
*and Is 3d modelling compulsory when learning animation these days?


btw, i bought myself this along with a super realistic head to help my dynamic poses and just drawing in general.
i’ll eventually put up monochrome drawings of it later on.

um. its disturbingly hyper realistic. the best thing is how the knees and elbows…how the rubber folds when the knees and elbows bend. its so amazingly natural. head + body cost 120 total.
but worth it.

ive always had trouble with foreshortened appendages and certain dynamic poses. im gonna be doing billions of drawings.


the same company also makes males

and the rubber does strangely feel like skin, except cold instead of warm.
and theyre incredibly flexible due to the rubber flesh. my figure…i have her sitting with her legs crossed in the sitting position right now.
which wouldve been impossible if it wasnt for its soft pliable rubber flesh that allows for leg to fold over leg.
its wild.


Self taught seems the way. Honestly, from the animation course I’m taking I haven’t learned anything that can’t be learned just by info on the internet. There’s all kinds of animators who are willing to share their WIP.

Animation by Achille on twitter.
Speaking of, Twitter is a haven for animators.

Not to mention, from my experience, majority of my critiques (if not, all) have been “wow, great stuff! Keep practicing!” and when I ask for more, it always leads to a “nothing is better than suggesting to practice more”.
So yeah… a lot of people demand/request having a “mentor” or feel they need art school to succeeded. You don’t, you really don’t.
For now, I’d just say attempt to animate whatever and see how it turns out and go about it from there.

As for the Preston book, meh, the entire purpose is just to show “form”.
If you can grasp form no problem, then the book may not be necessary. My animation projects are usually cartoony, but when I try to draw realistic people, I tend to use more “blocky” shapes than spheres.

Software; I do traditional, haven’t done anything digital yet so I can’t suggest anything.
I use OpenToonz ONLY to convert my animation into .mov, nothing more.

As for 3D modeling, I know nothing about the subject.