Drawing/Sketching fundementals thread


Hey you did it. Yeah, I can see both videos fine. Thanks, man! These lessons looks interesting.

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oh i got 72 ultra fine markers by Arteza…for 30 bucks on amazon. and 60 Ohuhu markers for 30 bucks too.
im covered but thats a good deal 24 markers for almost 6 bucks is great too.


drawing process:


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Don’t have my flighflighflugit username anymore but wondering if any of you guys worked on that comic strip you were talking about doing lol.

Lately I’ve been trying to just study some anatomy on my downtime and also try to quickly draw different poses from different angles. Not sure if there is anything I should start out with as a beginner or not but just trying to draw poses from different angles already seems to really help understand how a human body moves


i keep forgetting to upload the tutor vids. i’ll try to upload 5 hours worth this week.

i havent regarding the comic strip. i’ll eventually get on it but i’ll be pretty busy during this summer so idk when i’ll get back to it.

oh yeah.
i found this google play store app called ISSUU
lets you read magazines for free.
but there are alot of free art mags on it.
im looking at the art mag called IMAGINEFX which is a art mag about comic book art and illustrations of that style and other things.


2 of my fav comic/graphic novelist artists


forgot to mention this guy too. name is jonathan wayshak.



jim lee has a twitch channel where he draws live.

also, dope paint markers.

lastly, even doper woodless graphite pencils


shit i just realized i havent uploaded any more of that udemy tutor vids since april. ill try to upload that this week.


i just discovered this website



Anyone use ClipStudio on their iPad Pro?


Any tips on drawing faces or heads all together. Been working on anatomy and some gesture drawings but never attempt faces cause it ends up ruining the whole drawing lol.

Being able to do something along the lines of these would be awesome


the width of the head in full frontal view is 5 eyes in width. space between hairline and eyebrows, eyebrows to bottom of nose, bottom of nose to bottom of chin is the same.

here is a recent vid i checked out.


instead of trying to do heads…draw skulls over and over again. from different angles to get an understanding of how its built…and by doing so, getting a good fundamental of a heads form. once you get a good grasp of the head’s shape, the spine’s shape, the pelvis’s shape seen at different angles…arms and legs become easy.


This one actually helped a good bit, but still really need to work on the actual features of the face. All my drawings are faceless lol


That’s actually a nice video. I have to watch adding facial expression after.


Just recently learned about the bean drawing exercise. Probably the best thing I’ve discovered so far. Seemed to help me immediately as soon as I tried it out.


The robo bean is even more useful once you get the hang of it.