Drawings drawn by nekich

<- the guy who mostly posts in Blitzkampf thread

V - random fanarts i did

(posted these in the sketch thread)

KoF Angel

1st version (that doesn’t really look like Angel)

i like this one the most

good shit :tup:

I like the I-no the most.

Very nice I-No.

Like the ABA too. Hope you’ll produce some more GG sometime.



Anonym please.

Doing 6C.


OMG. SECONDEDEDEDED. :looney: :blush:

Non-Fanart Delicious (what?) Necro-Bump for no apparent reason.

Ja, it’s far from being perfect, but i like it.


(link, if the pic doesn’t show up)

thats pretty tight, its like a scene that tells a story…dont really see much of that hear…

im outi


Nice stuff Gabrilov…are you Russian? Paradni Portriet Ubiitsi.

Thanks, and, well, you can always try to guess who’s the murderer. Have read some theories about it already.

Yeh, i’m russian. And you too? Or you’ve lived there before?

Hm. Should’ve made the sign brighter - it’s “v”, not “b”, in the second name. Fix’d.



But damn, 6C is a tough one.

You know you want to get that delicious nun buns drawn up <3~

'Tis but an awfully rough sketch. It may be polished. So yeah, it sorta looks like 6C. Well, at least buns are there.


Awesome, plenty of nun buns <3

Looks great!

cool style you got going on here

nice stuff man :tup:

A random sprite i did for no apparent reason about a year ago (or something), complete with silly background.


link, if the image doesn’t show up

Not fanart.
I guess posting it using IMG code would’ve screwed the page.