Drawstick SF entry

Here’s Street fighter character design submition for capcom.

Character: Koji
Age: 24
Fighting style: Street fighting
Weakness: Asthma attack & brain damage (Helmet is a oxygen gas which he wears everytime)

Koji’s history: He was the top student of some martial arts school in thailand. At the age of 18, he beat everyone of his seniors then at 20 he defeated his own master easily within a minute or even less. He was known for his speed, kicks and strength which normally have his opponent defeated in afew seconds (He has asthma attack after a certain period of time, so he was train to fight fast and aggressive) .He seek for greater challanger but to realise that almost every of his fighting idols were already defeated by him.

Months later, the king of Muay thai Sagat, send him an invitation to his grand fighting event called the “Fighting master”, which means who wins will be crown as the master of muay thai in thailand.
Koji entered the event with great confidence and fought aggressively towards every fighter till the end which made him the Champion. Weeks after koji’s victory and sagat’s retirement, Sagat returns and challenge koji for the Championship title. Koji was determine to fight Sagat for he was his greatest idol of all time, but Sagat had never cared even for those who adores him. During the fierce and one of the greatest fights of all time in thailand , Sagat unexpectedly was near defeated but at one critical point when
Koji was already winning ,Sagat took him by surprise by delivering his latest technique called the “Dagger” which he throws a huge amount of force and accuracy of his elbow to koji’s tempo. At that point of time koji was already paralayzed in his mind and was as good as dead, but Sagat gave him an extra “Tiger uppercut” which left Koji floored to the ground with his jaw shattered and chest wide open!

Sagat walks away as the Champion again and laughs wickedly as he left the ring. Fortunately ,Koji manage to live but with brain damage (His not mad). Everyone left him eventually becoz Koji was so depressed and had himself drunk eversince his recovery. No one look up upon him anymore but only his master. Months later Koji was back into fighting again but he was mentally abit unstable and ran away from his master.

From that day onwards, everywhere he goes he fights and defeat new fighters. As he fights different fighters he discovered and master new style of fighting. Eventually he manage to unlock a kind of energy force which ables him to deliver an extra hit ,whenever he throws a punch or kick. He name it , the “Rapid shadow”. He felt that it was time for him to have his revenge against Sagat that was once his greatest idol. Koji enters Street fighter competition to seek Sagat for revenge.

ooo very nice!! great character design, ahhh i wanna enter now…kinda too late now :sad: i didnt feel up to it before…now i do… :xeye:

I know… I’m on the same boat found out too late. Was busy on holiday in Spain.

But Im going to draw some character designs anyway. Just for fun

Thanks guys well i guess tats all for capcom character design for me then. Although i only did afew but hell it was rather fun & challenging while seeing so many talented artist displaying their creativity in char designing. Pretty cool but well guys ,im sure there will be another event lik tis coming up sooner or later so Cheer up!! :smiley:

Heeeeeeeey nice entry and good luck in it! (*’.’)b

cool design, looks good. Wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley :slight_smile: