DrDoom Mission 9: Please help




I need help with Dr.Doom mission 9. My main problem is that I cannot connect the second Molecular Shield after the c.H. That is pretty much the only thing I am missing.

I understand that
A) Press c.L and P2 assist at the same time
B) afterwards the c.H, 6H, Molecular shield must all be inputted really fast
C) Super Skrull’s assist attack must end after the first Molecular Shield is finished (or else C.Viper will recover mid air & you can’t continue the combo)
D) After Super Skrull’s assist attack you must kick C.Viper with a c.H before she hits the ground, and then quickly perform a Molecular Shield H

I can do A) through C) once or twice after enough tries, however it is D) that I am having trouble with. I try to practice by just doing c.H -> Molecular Shield, and I can do that five times in a row no problem. But when I try to practice by doing
"Super Skrull assist (knocks C.Viper in the air) -> c.H -> Molecular Shield" then I just can’t do it, the Molecular Shield doesn’t connect. I think I’ve done it maybe twice out of fifty tries.

Please help. I don’t know where else to ask. I’ve checked all the threads I can in XboxAchievements.org, ps3trophies.org, the Vesper mission mode videos (+ read the comments), and I couldn’t find a mission mode thread here at Shoryuken.com (google says there was one, but now purged b/c of forums being remade, cannot find a mission mode thread in Shoryuken MvsC3 general).

Thank you very much.


o_O;;; Oh lord… I finally beat it but it took FOREVER…here is what I found out.

**A) **hit Crouching L + P2 assist at same time
B) Crouching L + P2, Crouching H, Hard Kick, Molecular Shield H, must ALL be done very quickly AND finish before Super Skrull finishes his assist
C) You must hit the second Crouching H deceptively early, right after Viper begins to fall from being knocked in the air. See
D) After the last rock from Molecular Shield hits, then do the Sphere Flame Super

I kind of went overboard trying to figure this out, recording myself doing second c.H -> Molecular Shield and taking snapshots of it all to find out when the hell you do these moves correctly. >_< what screwed me up was you kind of had to do the second c.H super early, like right after Viper begins to fall from being knocked in the air.