Dreaded fist


Why in the blue hell didn’t you accept my invites? Didn’t you see the little white dot above your energy bar going across. I got on to play you, but you were too busy playing like 20 in a row.:confused:


peter, i’m sorry dude, i didn’t kno what the white dot was for, I sign off several times to see if you were waiting on me but you’ve already left. I played 1 game with glory then sign off to join your game but you weren’t inviting anymore. then I played about 10 games with him.

that was bad on my part for sure. I’m getting on right now in 5 minutes to play you man.

sorry bout that:p


Did glory school you or what? I’ll hop on in 4. better be on.


yeah ig ot owned pretty bad. ok ima get on right now. I gotta sign off to get on though, since I didn’t get a network cable yet. I’m getting one tomorrow. I’ll be getting a headset pretty soon too.

damn man, why’d you get off so soon? I was hoping to get a win.


I had to do something so my bad about that. If you wanna play more I’ll be playing cvs all night. You will own in no tme. When i first started I ost 15 in a row.


oh really? dang. Check it out man, i think ima had to gamestop and get a live kit for the headset so we can converse whilst playing.

You’re doing the right thing though, just stop the wake up super lol. I’m guessing super on footsy is pretty hard on the xbox pad. Let me know when you’re ready and i’ll hook you up with an xbox stick.

can I be on the fanart xbl crew?

p.s. do you play in the day as well?


Yes you can be in it haha, I’ll add you now. Footsy into supers is definitely hard with lax plus a controller. peace.


u didn’t show up yesterday man. I had my msn set up to receive alerts and it didnt’ give me any from 10-11pm so i just left to watch aquateen.

Let me know when you wanna play again.