Dream Arcade-Sanwa, Seimitsu or Other?


We have a Dream Arcade 32 at my office and I was curious if anybody knew what kind of lever and buttons are under the hood. I have gotten so used to this stick that my Razer Atrox (just bought) feels somewhat foreign.


if I am right it is most likely knock off American style parts.


pictures would be helpful :slight_smile:


Some quick Google-fu sheweth plainly that it’s Happ-style parts. Since they don’t make any mention of the control components on the site, indicating a lack of focus on this aspect, I suspect Darksakul is correct, and they are knock-offs.


Most of the Cabs cost goes into the wood construction anyways.

it appears for “authenticity purposes” to use American style parts which feels different from Japanese style parts most lap/desk arcade sticks uses.