Dream Diary (Yume nikki) thread


i know some of my friends are tired of hearing me talk about this game

but i have been obsessing over it the past few days
it has to be one of the most creative and atmospheric indie games i have played and my favorite and IT’S FREE you will need a program that extracts rar. files though

you can download here along with other goodies

more info

controls are simple
arrow keys to walk
9 to wake up
5 to drop effects
1 to use equipped effect
spacebar to interact with stuff

anyways discuss YN and YN related things



Vomit-chan thread weeeeee.


I played it once, all I did was walk around and nothing was happening. I’ve actually forgotten about it since, but I think I’ll give it another try.


it’s pretty hard to find everything and would take a very long time without the guide
so i just looked for everything i could until i gave up and looked it up. wish i hadn’t though



if i had a better pc (sound card is all fucked up) i’d play it. it seems like such a good game. i mean theres not many games about dreams so its pretty unique.


Is the game where the girl…

About the ending


Jumps out the window?

Because if it is, then all I have to say about this game is that it sucked.


nigga you gay. good game is good


sounds similar but the game i’m talking about doesn’t suck


recently got through playing yume 2kki the collaborative fanmade game from a group of users on 2chan iirc.
I don’t usually go for games that don’t involve the original creator in someway but i decided to give this game a shot none the less.
after finally finishing what is completed of this game so far i gotta say this is an amazing sequel.
The areas are so much more and vast

These are the locations you can find in the first game



These are the locations in yume 2kki thus far which is still expanding



tons of more events, npcs, effects, great music, and endings.

there is a partial english translation only for menus and a few other things ,but i would recommend getting the more complete Japanese version.

people usually run into a lot of trouble when trying to install this game.
the easiest way i found was going into your control panel into region setting and changing system local to japan, installing japanese Rpg maker 2000,
and then start it up.
windows 7 seems to be the easiest to install it on.

this is the most recent version.

honestly i would probably rank this game in my top 5 favorite video games of all time and hope it gets a little more recognized and discussed.
go try it it’s free


Haven’t played in years, it’s a cool game, but falls a bit short on the game play side of things and it really isn’t that scary, it’s more surprising than anything.


The fan made sequel yume 2kki is WAY better definitely has more going on to keep your attention.
the game isn’t meant to be horror it’s more about inspiring a wide range in emotion in the player.
while there is some horror it’s not the main focus.