DREAM matches...

the Street Fighter comic is adream come true son,
Post some matches you want to see and have finalized in the pages of Udon.

I’ll start off with a few:

Oro vs. Gen

Even though Oro probably has the health advantage, i think the intesity of their histories and Gen’s reaction to Oro’s weirdness could add for some good entertainment and dialogue

Gen would attack Oro after his fight with Ryu. Mayube he’d interupt it, so Oro’s victory wouldn’t be definite… we could have Ryu going dark until Gen comes…

Gen would start off strong in mantis styleand would seem to have the advantage until he discovers that his fists aren’t covered in blood but boogers and dirt. He’ll follow Oro into Oro’s cave and see how childish he is and then start getting attacked by Oro.

Oro’s offensive would be strong and Gen would switch to Crane trying his assassins finger thing, but Oro is able to brush it off and then Gen starts to loose his breath from disgust of the smell and the durabiliy of Oro…


Sagat vs. Urien

this would be a bloody ass battle. I think a fight like this could be a great way to show Sagat’s better side and maybe move him from heel to hero.

I dunno how Sagat’d encounter urien, maybe on one of Shadowloo’s early missions , checking out the gill cat… shrug…

anyways, There would be a lot of medium punches flying around. Sagat would take a lot of shots, buthe’d rush in for a few well placed tiger uppercuts. urien would thorughout his sheild, negatinghis tiger shots andtiger knees, and then would juggle sagat around for a while. Sagat will use a level three tiger genoicde and end it for urien… yeah… that’d be cool.


Sakura vs. Sean

I think everyone’s wanted to see this one.


Dan Vs. Sagat, Vega (jpn), shin Akuma, Gill, and servebot

A tough one. This is top tier uber sucka shit! i think it would be funny if they have Dan running into these characters and getting pummeled, but somehow, Dan thinks he beats them…

and then he fights servebot and hurts his fist…


R.Mika Vs. Blanka

this would be a very loud and colorful fight…


Remy vs. T. Hawk

Dunno, just thought it’d be cool…

Anyways, add some and if you want tell what you think would happen in your dream fight… and let’s hear some criticisms of the fights too :smiley:

I don’t know how this would work into the comic’s storyline but I’ve always wanted to see a Bison vs. Gill match. I think it would be fuggin awsome to see the two big bosses duke it out.

I think a cool way gill could meet Bison (assuming you mean US Bison) would be if they back tracked to when Bison was with Rose and they meet Gill and that could play into the whole antipodal aspect of Gill and of the whole bison and Rose conflict…

This might even give us a chance to see Bison fight as a good guy… or atleast a face rather thana heel…

Yah, I guess the only way they could pull it off in the comic would be in flashback form. But it would be amazingly cool if Gill’s evil cult and Bison’s evil crime empire faced off in an ultimate struggle to control the planet which would eventually comes down to a battle royal between Gill and Bison themselves.

Cool matches!But what about shin akuma versus Gill!That would be a kick ass match!

I was thinking about M.Bison (US, otherwise known as Vega) vs Akuma…
I think this would be great to see what extents each of them could go to…
What are your opinions on this fight?

Bison vs Surly Kei.

Slapboxing. You don’t get fuckin’ REALER than that shit. It’d go down like this…


Bison: …who the hell? Impudent wrench!

Kei: It’s because of your shit that I had to practically babysit Sakura for months now! And you’re probably the fucker who’s been snatching kids around our high schools, aren’t you?!

Bison: High school kids?! I’ll teach brats to respect those who would not hesitate to crush them under their heels!

Bison slaps the fuck out of Kei, who takes the blow and slowly picks her face back up.

Kei: …oh, you bitch.

Kei begins pounding slaps on Bison’s enormous face, each hit making a thunderous clap within an instant of contact. Bison eventually parries the blows, and whips out a big paintbrush. He strikes her with the tool, incoherently juggling her in mid-air for a half-minute before stopping. Dizzied by the attack, Kei has only one chance left.


Kei kicks Bison square in the balls. Since all of his psycho power was concentrated there, Bison immediately fell, his energy consumed. Satisfied that she vent her frustrations, she leaves Shadaloo headquarters, where Sakura, her arm in a sling, waits for her.

Kei: What…the…fuck? I did not say you could stand up!

Sakura: Jesus Kei, I’m sorry! :frowning: What the hell do I have to do to show you?!

Kei: You can shut the fuck up and get me a fuckin’ Coke. Now GET!

hmm, Hugo Vs Zangeif ???

Match of the Grappling BEASTS!

Evil Ryu vs. Shin-Akuma
The dark-hadou vs. the shungokusatsu would be tight to watch. Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma will never happen if they kill off evil ryu, but this fight would be the shiznit with explosion and bad ass martials everywhere:eek:

Chunli vs. Rose
the strongest woman in the world vs. the formal strongest woman in the world. I wanna see some tight ass action between these 2 ladies giving and showing everything they got:cool:

Guy vs. Maki
the defender vs. the challenger, who will win and will hold the title as the best bushin master ever??:evil:

Guile vs. Charlie
two people with the same fighting style in a head to head battle will truely show who is the better of two. well we all do know charlie is stronger than guile, but I wanna see these guys duke it out.:cool:

Gouken vs. Akuma
hey, they only tell us about who won the battle, but we have never seen akuma fight gouken before. so i gotta see this brother vs. brother battle

Ryu vs. Sakura
I wanna see sakura try to hang with ryu using ryu’s signature moves. Icon vs. Fan

Gill vs. Bison
WOW, a battle between 2 powerful dudes is incredible. Who will win in this fight between nature powers and pyscho powers:eek:

Yun vs. Yang
So which twin will win?

Makoto vs. Ibuki
watching kids fight it out isnt usually fun, but i would like to see some nice fight between these two too

Sagat vs. Dan
I want to see this fight happen alright, dont tell me who won

Zangeif vs. Hugo vs. Darun
well we got 3 big wrestlers here. The triple-threat match is held in a wrestling ring where Mika is at Zangeifs corner, Pullum at Daruns corner, and Poison at hugos corner. now are you ready to rrrrrruuuuummmmbbbbblllllllllllllleeeeeee:eek:

Ken vs. Karin
well, karin is sakura’s rival, so since Ryu is fighting sakura, ken can fight Karin:lol:

Sharon vs. Blair
these 2 babes are hot and I want to see them in a mud wrestling match:eek:

and many more to come

A flashback with Akuma vs Gouken and Akuma vs Goutetsu, when he killed them. Surely great battles!