Dream Mix TV: World Fighters

anobody play this game?

alot like smash brothers with simon belmont from castlevania, optimus prime, bomberman and lotsa cool characters.

i think this game is pretty rare and underground considering i never hear alot of talk about it

ps- i got a copy of this game for sale on ps2 if anyone is interested

If it is so good why are you selling it?

I played this game once. It was mediocre at best. Basically Konami trying to step foot in the “smash” world. I honestly wanted to try it out more, but it seemed to disappear before I could get my hands on a copy.

When Smash Brawl was confirmed some years ago and they say that Konami will bring Snake to the game, i say “allright, so i guess every Dream Mix TV World Fighters will appear in Brawl”, sadly i was wrong… i was so hyped about Mario fighting Simon Belmont =(

But oh well, a mediocre game, not horrible, but mediocre.

this game looks dope.
i want it.

I can’t make any comments myself, considering I never played it,
but do you really think so?

somewhat I guess because of the characters. as far as gameplay it’s more like “:confused:”.

To each his own I suppose =P
I personally can’t take too much interest in that one though

Simon Belmont does seem quite interesting in this game though.:wgrin:

I used to own the game (past tense) and the game was pretty fucking awful.

The only bright point was that it had Simon, Snake, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bomberman as eye candy. Otherwise…the game was terrible.

where did i say it was so good?

and actually yes its very fun, and the reason im sellin it is cuz i burnt it on my harddrive, sue me

pm me for copys

Wasn’t Yugo in it?

isn’t Tyson from Beyblade in it?

The game was fucking horrible.

Save yourself the trouble and avoid this shit.

You’ll thank me later.

i used to have this game, i really liked it. Not as many complex things to do as smash, but i think snake was better !! his claymores blew up right away. Higgins from adventure island was saucesome