Dreamcast 10th anniversary!

9-9-99 marked the day North Americans had the privilege of picking up the greatest fighting game console of all time.

post your love for the DC here!

I can still remember taking the day off to pick up the DC at Babbage’s. It’s still the only console I’ve ever taken the day off to pick up.

Soul Calibur was graphically light years ahead of anything else at the time and I remember how impressive it was that it actually looked noticeably better than the arcade version.

Man, we used to skip class and go play Power Stone in the AV Room. Good times.

This is probably more appropriate for the General Discussion section but the Dreamcast was so hype that it should be in every section. I remember I was 13 when it came out. Had it reserved and everything…it wasn’t sold out though haha, no lines, I just went and picked it up and got a T-Shirt that said 9-9-99 with the logo. Wish I still had that shirt

I remember buying 3 of them when they hit $50 clearance right before they went out of business… on Black Friday at 5am… The only time I got up at 5am to get that deal.

still waiting for them to be worth a grand

might take a while but it will happen eventually!!

just some of my favorite gems

Marvel vs Capcom
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs Snk
Capcom vs Snk 2
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
JoJos Bizarre Adventure
King of Fighters 99 Evo
King of Fighters 2002
Garou: Mark of The Wolves
Last Blade 2
Guilty Gear X/XX

I can still remember staying up hours playing SF:A3. The memories :(.

I Remember buying it when they went on clearance.I got the system and 6 games cost me right around $50. I recently found a brand new Dreamcast in box in a thrift store for $20


The tenth anniversary of when the old Sega died… :tdown:

They just bungled and completely mismanaged their best console systems.

The funny thing is that the Saturn and Dreamcast are still relatively difficult to emulate. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to junk the hardware if it still works or can be fixed. A lot of these games don’t work in emulation at all and the emulators are at best buggy.

A bunch of the unique games launched on the systems deserve remakes or sequels. I’m still puzzled as to why Sega essentially dropped Panzer Dragoon and why we haven’t seen decent racers from AM2 or the other AM-development teams for quite a while, period. I’d love remakes and true arcade recreations of Daytona, Virtua Racing, Manx TT, and the Indy 500 game that never got a home console port. It’s like the entire arcade division at Sega lost its spirit after the DC was killed. Excepting the Macross game on the PS2, I really haven’t seen much of anything from Sega that’s been remarkable for close to 9 years now.

Frankly, when I can afford it, I’m getting UPCB’s just to equip my modded T5 sticks plus a homebrew stick (when I get around to building it) to play the Capcom fighters and others on the DC and Saturn.

It is dumb to write these systems or others off just because they’re not current-gen or as popular as their contemporaries were. I didn’t like the PS1 that much and it took 18 months after the PS2 was launched for it to get games that were as competitive and innovative as the games the DC had in its brief 18-month-life (in the US).

The DC and Saturn are still two of my favorite systems.

Sega’s legacy deserves a lot more than a footnote. I hope it doesn’t go the way of Atari and become a joke to all but the people who were around when the company was in its glory days.

haha im actually about to play my $0.48 dreamcast with the custom stick im building hahaha :love::pleased:

I missed by seconds.
That was such a cool sale.
You and Sasuke182 and protomanSTi so lucky.

i use my .48 cent dreamcast on a regular basis. what a great investment!

yeh right

the odds a brand new dreamcast would recently end up at a thrift store for $20 are one in a billion.

people donate used abused consoles all the time but I doubt a NIB DC that has been stashed away for 10 years is going to suddenly pop up at a thrift

whats’ with all the .48 cent dreamcasts???



It’s obviously a mistake, I wonder if they shipped every one of them out. I mean of the tons of people who saw the thread only like 5 of you got the deal (2 of which were just obviously trolling)

I bet the guys who ordered 10 of them probably got rejected

but the guys who ordered 1 slipped through the cracks.

that’s really fucking awesome

it’s pretty amazing you can still find new ones for only $90 considering they haven’t been sold in 8 years.

I miss my Dreamcast, lost it and all my games when my apartment flooded in a storm. Maybe one day if I wish upon a shooting star, the planets align and hell freezes over they will patch the new MvC2 so I won’t miss it as much.

Anyway, in addition to Sega’s lack of promotion lets not forget those CONSUMERS who didn’t support the system by burning every game instead of buying them. We all know someone who bought just the system and never actually purchased a single game, yet had a collection 100+ games deep.

I never owned a dreamcast until recently, but I was always a fan of it… i always enjoyed playing the demo units much more than any other console set up in stores.

i had a friend get one ~2002 i think, and we played it quite a bit. it was the one console i wanted from the start, but didnt own until recently. it doesnt get a TON of use, but i think thats about to change. I have a VGA box for it, and my TV is now free of its previous VGA holder, so it will now belong to my DC.

also: Greatest. Memory Cards. Ever.

My brother had bought one close to launch, and we played the hell out of Soul Calibur. Later, Shenmue. I moved out a year after he’d gotten it and he let me borrow it for a month or two.

Unfortunately, when he was in boot camp, my parents put all of his stuff into storage and the storage building was broken into and robbed of all the good stuff: his Dreamcast/Saturn/PS2/Surround Sound/TV and a few of his games - thankfully they hadn’t packed the majority of his games away.

I recently purchased one about two months ago - as I’d never finished Shenmue and really wanted to finish it as well as pick up Soul Calibur again.

Yes, the VMU was so great! Playing Resident Evil Code: Veronica just wasn’t the same on the PS2/GC ports as it was in the original Dreamcast version! Having your health display’d right there was awesome instead of having to go into the menu!

I loved my DC…gave it to a friend of mine…we need more DC ports to current gen, Panzer Dragoon was a great example.

I bought a dreamcast for 1 recently at a market. Its been nice to recover some of those memorys I have from when I was younger and to this day it still is my favourite console. It was depressing buying it for that much though.

much love for DC here. i ordered the Japanese console with my Green Goblin. i also bought the US version after Capcom started to release their fighting games here in the states.