Dreamcast, 2 custom sticks, socal ffa area, mvc2, 3s, cvs2, st

i have this custom desk stick setup i bought from mike chaos
it comes with warranty from mike and i can give you his PM handle



$200 obo

anyway you’ll sale the dc converter seperate from the stick?

i could’ve sworn i saw someone selling the same stuff as you.

oh wait, that person is you. why two threads?


Probably to avoid having the posts in the thread calling him out on his prices.

its actually against rule to crap on thread just because of price. contacting a mod will remove those kind of posts.

The guy who was “crapping” his thread was informing potential buyers that he was the one who sold it to this guy for 50 dollars, while the guy is trying to resell it for 100, which is what the other guy apparently near what the guy paid for the stick new.

But the time stamps for the two threads are before any thread crapping i think so i think it’s just a mistake.

hm, yeah, i didn’t notice the different time stamps. good looks. :tup:

i’m just going to repeat what i said in the other thread then. that dreamcast deal is looking mighty fine.

I didn’t notice the time stamps either. My apologies.

Stick offer is enticing…

i’m so confused at what you guys are even saying…anyways…all PMs have been replied!!! i would GREATLY prefer local sales cuz i don’t trust paypal

trying to selll as a full package

i didnt get a reply :sad:

Besides, paypal is very reliable. It helped me get my money back for an item that never reached my door.lol

the person that made that comment is a girl… ryu shinnoshike or something…

anyway, whatever, that shit’s fucked up. if you’re goingt o make an comment like that, PM the person.

i was wondering, would you sell the converter seperately?

everyone’s asking me for the converter lol, i decided to keep ryu’s stick, the only stick i’m selling now is the desk stick and the dreamcast

WTf…i really wanted that too. :sad:

But still dont you think that desk is a lil to beat up to sell that high.

i’ll probably let it go for $250 including the dreamcast

Well it dont look that bad. If i wasnt hell bent on gettin an iphone, i would have considered it. Plus i really wanted that other stick

How much for just Puzzle Fighter?


all the games are on a backup cd. no original cases or manuals

lawl, backup cds.