Dreamcast Agetec arcade stick to playstation 2


I know there has been a lots of threads about this, but every link to tutorials are dead.

I just need to know how to swap the PCB from a dual shock into the ‘green goblin’ and where and what to solder.

Ive literally spent hours looking and cant find any direct ‘how to guides’

really appreciate any help.


are you using the default Agetec parts or replacing them with better quality parts?


I just want to get the thing working on the PS2 (and PS3 via adaptor) first. then i’ll be stripping it down painting and rebuilding with better stick & buttons.


well tychom’s site is down but here are the colors for the wires to the Agetec pcb:


brown X
red Y
orange Z
yellow C
green B
blue A
purple Start
grey Ground


yellow Up
orange Down
red Red
brown Left
black Ground

as you can see, you only have 11 inputs for the Agetec stick. in order for full functionality of the PS2, you’ll have to add 3 buttons (Select, R2 & L2). i would just wire the corresponding colors to the points on your PS2 pcb for what button layout you desire. the Agetec already has common ground for the buttons and joystick so that should be easy enough. i hope this helps =)


kasprfoto… you my friend are a legend.

Do i have to solder directly onto the PS2 pads PCB? or are there wires i can splice onto?

Ive not actually opened one up yet.

Thanks for the info!


you would have to take the wires that are already connected to the Agetec parts and solder them to the connection points on the PS2 pcb. if you are not planning on using the Dreamcast pcb anymore, i would cut the wires at the pcb that way you have enough length for the PS2 pcb.


Ok, just preparing to solder the PCB, just a couple of questions…

here is the exact PCB i’ll be using,

1- do i solder to the copper area’s which are already exposed (circled in blue), or do i have to expose new areas?

2- and secondly it says ‘analog PCB can be removed with resistors’ does that mean i can just cut off the analog sticks through the ribbon without further mods?

many thanks


crimson zero- Got your PM. Thanks for the offer, i may have considered it but i see you’re in the states, i’m from the UK. (can’t PM till i get my post count up)



  1. yeah you can solder right at the copper areas…
  2. i dont know exactly what that means but you can leave it as it is, just solder what you need and you ll be fine


You can solder to the copper pads. They have suicidal tendencies (love to pop off the board and render the controller useless) so I would recommend scraping the black pads they connect to and solder to them instead.

No. It means if you cut them you’re going to have to solder resistors to the board. Leave everything alone except the rumble motors which can be snipped.


I can personally vouch for that statment, 3 of the ‘copper pads’ lifted, leaving me with the impossible task of soldering to the micron thick tracks leading up to it.

Needless to say that that PCB is now heading toward the great landfill site in the sky.

I wish you posted that yesterday :rofl: live and learn eh? thanks for the analog info!

On a seperate note, i think that list of wire colours kasprfoto wrote for the Agetec may be wrong, i think ‘up’ and ‘left’ may need switching over… anybody confirm that?


Just this week I was thinking of going to my parents house to pick up my old dc agetec to mod for 360.
What would be the best way? Go to a gamestop or so and see if I can get a used madcatz pad or so? I have light soldering experience with Rockband/Guitar hero modding so Ive done some work although I prefer the simplicity and ugliness of many many splices and scotch tape.
On a side note, how the hell would I go about “fixing” that square boxy feel of the agetec stick? I remember hating doing 360d with gief on it because I often would get hung up in a corner. I had to try to learn to just twitch it around to stay out of the endzones.


Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I recently modded my DC Agetec stick with full sanwa parts and I’m trying to duel mod it for the Ps2, I’m using an original PS PCB and I’m wondering how you guys were able to fit yours in. Thanks.


I’d like to know if anyone in Sol Cal would be willing to mod my old agetec dreamcast arcade stick for use on the PS2 and PS3 if possible.