Dreamcast Agetec Arcade Stick Wiring Diagram?


I’ve been googling all over the place and can’t seem to find a wiring diagram for the PCB from the Dreamcast Agetec stick. Anyone know where I can find it?


ecKsniNe was looking for this too. I dug for it pretty extensively a couple of weeks back and couldn’t find it. Best of luck.


does this help?



Thanks for the link. The button wires are correct, but the joystick wires are labeled wrong.


Aren’t the wires for Joystick like this?

LEFT = Yellow
DOWN = Orange
UP = Brown
GROUND = Black

But then maybe his is actually different like that in the Post.


Have you tried plugging the pcb into the Dreamcast? You can take a solder a wire to a known ground and contact the direction points. That way you could map it yourself.




Hope this link helps.


Scroll down a little


The wire colors for Joystick I gave are correct. :sweat:


You’re a winner! Someone should compile on these. I know I made one for the HRAP3 a while ago.