Dreamcast Agetec Balltop Replacement Options (for stock stick)


Will a mesh ball or bubble top fit the stock Agetec stick?

I have a DC Agetec on the way and want to order parts for it now so they get here sooner. I am going to replace the buttons but keep the stock stick for a while, but I want to change my balltop color to match the new buttons if possible.



Well, as long as it is 35mm, it will fit on a stock Agetec stick.


Yeah, the mesh balls and bubble tops are 35mm. I just wasn’t sure about the size of the screw insert. I know Sanwa and Seimitsu work together, but I’m not sure what stick is in the Agetec and if it uses some funky size or not.

Thanks Josh.

While I am asking, what about the shaft cover and dust washers? I’d like to change their color too before I install a JLF because I might end up keeping the stock stick for a while but still want to customize the colors a little bit.