Dreamcast Agetec Mod. Urgent help required


So after spending this entire afternoon wiring up the new buttons and stick in my Dreamcast Agetec stick I was super excited to go start playing some JJBA, 3S and CvS2 tonight.

But when I got to my Dreamcast nothing at all seemed to work, after starting up JJBA and thinking it might just be a menu thing all I could get Jotaro to do was Neutral Jump… and the was by hitting back on the stick.

My question to you guys is if you can notice anything wrong within my wiring? All the tutorials I’ve looked at seem to match this wiring so I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

I apologize for starting this thread, but I’m all out of ideas of what to do, so I thought someone here might be able to help me out.


My guess:

A) your exposed joystick wire joints are touching


B) you are color matching the Agetec wires to the wire harness

Either case could explain the root of your problems - which most certainly revolve around improper grounding. Hope this helps!


Ah I see, I know for sure I didn’t colour match the wires coming from the JLF to the Wire Harness. I’m going to take a stab and say its because they’re touching.

Would improper grounding explain why none of the buttons are working either?


What are the exposed wires on the lower right in the pic?
They look like the exposed ends are touching. Not good.


Those are his Joystick wires.


I see a daisy chain for ground for the seven buttons, but I don’t see anything connecting that chain to the PCB.
The stick problem is you connecting the five wires from the harness to the PCB wrong. If I’m right abotu the ground chain, that would explain the button problem.


It looks like the ground wire (grey) is going to the same place as the brown wire on LP. The grey should be going to the side with the black wire.

The joystick must be wired up wrong as well. I don’t have my list of what color wire corresponds to what on me. But if you find out what wire ground is, you can easily find out what direction what each color wire is by grounding out the other wires.
My guess is the black wire is ground on the DC PCB. Undo your joystick wiring job and plug it into the Dreamcast and power on. Touch the black wire to the other wires and jot down a list to get it right.

This will help you out on the wire harness side. You used a seimitsu wire harness on a JLF so my guide didn’t take that into account, so I hope you can make sense of it.


Im guessing those are my two problems then, I didn’t even realize that I was using the HP5 wire harness instead of the JLF-H, Ill go back and fix that this afternoon.

Does the wiring on the buttons look correct apart from the grey wire going to the wrong QD?


I’d put some electrical tape or something to cover up the joints where the jlf cable meets the agetec wires.
If they are, my bad, just doesn’t look like it.


I don’t recall the color code for the buttons, I just happen to remember that grey is ground (I think). You probably should have wrote down where they where connected to before you disconnected them.


I have since posting that photo, made no difference so Ill have to re-solder the wires when I figure out what’s what.

I did, so everything must be okay, apart from the ground wire being in with the brown instead of black, of course.


Alright, I got the buttons all working.

Thanks for the help everyone, I’m incredibly grateful.


Cause I’m curious, what’s the DC Agetec mod? I have one but I don’t do mods and people keep asking me about buying it since it has an optical stick. But anyway, what mod did you do?


DC Agetecs don’t have opticals stock.

He put sanwa parts in his Agetec.