Dreamcast Agetec Stick Issue

Got a problem with the joystick on my Agetec stick. The pcb switch assembly (as LizardLick calls it), feels a lot less responsive than my other stick that is very sensitive in the joystick movements. Thought about replacing the part directly: http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/tpma_pinout.jpg

I noticed however that it doesn’t include the 5-pin wiring harness. When I found the wiring sold separately on LL, it still looks different from what’s originally in my Agetec stick: http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/jlf_h.jpg Not sure how to connect the wires in correctly if I bought this.

Wanted to buy this since it had the exact part I needed plus some other spare parts, but not sure it would work like I’d like it to: http://www.lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/jlf_tp_8yt_sk.jpg

Does anyone have any insight, experience, or a link to info for this problem? Any help is appreciated.

The green goblin does not have a JLF in it, if you wish to put that stick in there it takes a little bit of work as you have to modify the body a little bit to get the stick to fit.

Just plop in an LS-56. :smiley:

Or connect by Terminal Strip.
Or desolder the Agetec Wire Harness and install Sanwa Wire Harness.

I’m not going to make picture for those.

Thanks for the info so far guys.