Dreamcast agetec stick question

Is it possible to replace the spring on this thing? Mine’s getting kind of loose, and I’m not sure I want to go through the trouble to sand down the basin to get a Sanwa installed.

I can mod yours if you send it to me. But you should really do it on your own, it’s not a “process”, it takes about 1 minute to do with a dremel, or you could even do it with pliars as the plastic that blocks you from mounting the sanwa is very thin.

If it’s anything like a jlf/ls32 just take the screws out of the stick like in the picture. Pull out the plastic top then the pcb, you should have the stick disassembled. Grab the spring and stretch it out. Put it back together and the stick will feel tighter. Repeat the process if you want it tighter. Hope that helps

I got a question about the buttons.

Is it possible to replace the switches in the buttons without replacing the buttons outright? I’m lazy, and don’t feel like dremeling the holes and cutting tabs and whatnot if I don’t have to. Not that my buttons are broken…I just think they could be a tad more responsive.