Dreamcast Agetec stick?

I recently was looking around some old boxes of stuff I have in a storage unit and came across my old agetec stick I bought for MvC on the dreamcast.

I obviously have no use for this stick anymore, but can’t find a value to sell it for. While I know this isn’t really a “technical question”…Does anyone know a good asking price for this stick?

You’re trading outlet eligible. You should post there instead. That said, I’ve seen these babies go for around $100 US on eBay depending on the condition.

I will buy it for $30.

Why don’t you use what everyone uses to gauge prices, eBay.

I’ve always wanted an Agetec Dreamcast for $20.

I’ll give you $10 for it!..
And that’s my final offer.

Because no one wants to pay $119.99 for the stick.

I meant check the real eBay, the U.S. eBay. No agetech sells for 199 there.

Technically, there are 3 Agetec’s for sale on eBay. The cheapest going for $20 and the middle priced one going for $60. The $100+ one was only an example of how high prices for these things can go based on the condition of the stick.

I got $5 on it.