Dreamcast and legal question


Hey guys, long story short. In 3 years me and my soon to be brother in law will be going into business together. We will be opening up a bar in the Houston area. Still working on concept and everything. One of the things we will have are free games. Not all video games.
Here are my questions
How long can a dreamcast be left on for extended play?
And would there be any legal issues using a dc in a arcade cabinet as long as its on free play?
Can I used burned games as long as I own the originals to the games I’m using?

The arcade aspect isn’t that big a part of our bar, but we would like to have afew games and he left that part up to me .



TDCFinal2.cdi is all you need in lyf


Are you talking about the toodles godtier capcom disc? That’s the one I was thinking of using. But also alternate between Mr drill and puzzle fighter


Such fun games
Especially mixed with drinking.

I was going to run a dc cab and maybe a neogeo mvs as far as video games go.


Dood. You know I’m in the H. What you have planned sounds pretty dope. We have Kung-Fu Saloon but idk of anywhere else that has any games to play while you’re getting your drink on. Let’s not even mention D&B. Ticket games are not real games.


Yeah, it won’t officially be in the works until 3 years from now. He’s investing more $ than me but I’m dedicating my time to this venture. I’ve begun to do some research around town. Mainly amongst friends and mutual friends. As of now I’m focusing on the age range of 24-35ish. But like I said, I’m fresh and have much to learn. I may quit my current job and start bartending so I can get a feel.for everything and not just try to look at it form a pencil pusher perspective.
Yeah kung fu is a pretty chill bar, but basically my main concept is going to be focused on things I like to do when I’m at a bar, and things that stand out to me. Then I run it through money bags and add.his stuff. It’s going to be a long process, and in the end I hope to have afew of the things I want to incorporate actually be implemented. He’s in Chicago now, so in 2 years he’s coming back and we may start ideas from scratch since the scene out there is different and he may want to bring some of that to Houston. But for sure there will be 2, maybe even 3 video game cabs. They will be American style cabs since I can.get that pretty cheap. But don’t worry, I will def equip them with Japanese hardware and layouts. Before I leave my job I will fabricate afew control panels for the future. Nothing beats getting stuff like.that free! Lol

As for the neogeo cab it depends on what I can get my hands on. I’m actually looking for one for myself right now. Want to restore it and by then ill just move it to the bar since it will basically be my 2nd home. But I’m hoping for a 4 slot. I’ll run a kof, samurai shodown, metal slug and another 2 player adventure game, wanna have games that are.fun for everyone