Dreamcast Appreciation

Today we commemorate the day Segata Sanshiro gave his life so that we may play the Dreamcast, one of the best fighting game systems ever…

Damn, I can’t believe I almost forgot about that! Mine is still going strong 10 years later. I bought it at midnight on 9-9-99 along with Soul Calibur and Sonic. Marvel is the only game I really play on it now, but I play it almost everyday.

Playing DC 3S as I type this…

Soul Calibur, Garou, 3rd Strike, MvC2, Power Stone, Rival Schools Project Justice, Plasma Sword, Tech Romancer, a bunch of KOFs…

Dreamcast <3… :lovin:
By far the most underappreciated system of all time (#2 Sega Saturn) and in a league with NES, SNES, and PS2 with my all time favorite systems. Based of course on the Naomi arcade system which I place in the holy trinity of arcade hardware along with CPS2 and Neo-Geo MVS. 10 years after release and if it wasn’t for a wing+prayer release of MVC2 it’d still be the #1 console for fighting games (Now if only we could get CVS2, 3rd Strike, Vampire Chronicles, Last Blade 2, Alpha 3, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Project Justice… oh shit were is my Dreamcast right now? hugs)

Capcom vs SNK 2, Alpha 3, Third Strike, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio (the import), Quake 3 Arena, Power Stone, Illbleed, RE Code Veronica, King of Fighters Dream Match 99, Phantasy Star Online. Man so many great memories.

i still have my DC in my room hooked up. one of my fav consoles

DC is a must-have… still even for fighting game fans, its pretty weird that Capcom still havent ported Project Justice to another console.

Have mine still hooked up, in fact its the only console I own at the moment.
so many fun games.
I even have the DC keyboard.

I wish I had a Dreamcast right now. My old one broke down years ago. Every now and then I get a urge to go into the world of Shenmue. Its so real.

I feel terrible. All I have are backup versions of games. I can’t afford to shell out for them =/

To this day Dreamcast still has the biggest and best selection of fighting games.

I miss my dreamcast.:sad:

My DC is still alive and well (even though my first died after about a year or so ;_;), still boot it up from time to time for a game of CvS2 or 3S. Also the non-fighting games are just some of my favourite of all time, Shenmue, Skies, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi…

I’ve only read a handful of articles online that say you can hookup a hard drive up to the DC. It would be nice to have a HD setup rather than so many discs.

Outside of the beastly fighting games it has, it fucking runs emulators on it. Me and a homie always used to play the fuck out of wind jammers via a neo geo rom. iirc, the SNES roms could play @ 99-100% if you had the pal versions and nes\genesis roms ran @ 99-100% speed.

REZ on DC is on par with some modern games, it looks amazing on DC.

Dreamcast rocks, it has a vast amount of exclusive fighting games and games in general to warrant the purchase, it truly was a beast :tup:

Sadly my dreamcast died years ago, but I ended up buying a new one that came with both powerstones and A3. Good deal.

I think in terms of Single Player content and fun, Soul Calibur on Dreamcast is still far and away the best fighting game port to console. It’s obviously not the best competitive fighter ever, but that game just has so much content and polish put into the port its mind boggling.

Remember how elaborate the quest mode was? It was huge, and had some really cool ideas and variations in it like fighting in quicksand, strong winds, survival variations, poison weapons etc. Really quite brilliant I thought. Then of course you could buy tons of stuff in the gallery, new costumes and even customise the game’s intro.

Looks like DC is still the greatest console to come out in recent years. Still has the best library of Arcade games ever and some of the funnest games. DC will never die becuase of that.