Dreamcast Appreciation

that brang a tear to my eye.

gonna play some typing of the dead now.

was plasma sword really that good? I have it but I never though much of it.

Honestly I could never see giving up either my Dreamcast or my Saturn they are still (to me) the systems to have especially for fighting game fans. Too much greatness on there, like the Jap version of Marvel Super Heroes with playable Doom and Anita (love for you super still owns).

Dreamcast > your life

My neighbor had a Dreamcast and I was always so jealous. My parents had bought me a N64 in '96 so they wouldn’t let me get a DC when it came out, so 1999-2001 was pretty much spent at my friends house, heh.

Also, I loved Tech Romancer. I never played the console port, but that was one of the first fighting games I ever played in an arcade.

Dreamcast is the greatest Fighter console ever! I still have my Dreamcast hooked up to my TV just in case anyone wants to fight some old school fighters. I will always keep and cherish my Dreamcast.

Freaky, at least in my timezone TC’s post was on 9/9/09 at 9:09PM O.O

Anyways I love my DC, it’s my only non 7th gen system that is always hooked up. The fact that it had so many good games in a short amount of time really makes you wonder how it would’ve turned out if it hadn’t been prematurely discontinued.

Really good read on the rise and fall of the Dreamcast. Also read some of the comments on the bottom from a few former Sega employees.

Makes me wonder how the DC would have ended up if they hadn’t made the decisions they made on the hardware specs.

I still can’t get over how On the DC you can surf the net… like… not even the XBox can do that.

Fucken, It doesn’t get red ring… doesn’t over heat… has the best mvc2 port, No so much on 3S but that’s an arcade original anyways… DC was just ahead of it’s time.
The fucken memory units was also like a mini handheld game, had many accessories, PS2 was just too over rated.
Only thing that the DC couldn’t do was play DVD’s.

I can only imagine that Sega would be whooping ass if it was still alive.

For the most part, I despise the Dreamcast, I’m on par w/ destroying the system side by side with the Cannons.

But it did at least give me the ability to play my first Vs. game w/out the (at the time) extreme methods of importing 4-in-1 carts then the game just to play XSF or MSH. All I needed was the system and the game. Just seeing the ability to TAG OUT at any time just like in the arcade version was so exciting.

Also, like Daigo Jr. said, I used the dreamcast for years to browse the internet. I was too poor to afford a random computer, but at least I was able to get internet for free for such a long time.

Well, I’m in the mood for Dreamcast.

I’m abit pissed off cos I just missed out on some Dreamcast Twin sticks with Virtua On and 13 other games!

Anyways, I just thought I make this thread to Appreciate the Dreamcast. IMO it is the best Console created, And my personal fav.

I just enjoyed the sheer amount of great games and arcade ports!

I’d have to say my most memorable moment would be getting my Dreamcast and booting up Sonic Adventure for the first time. Did I have a ball, 8 hours straight!

Well, What’s your Dreamcast Memory? Launch story? Fav game?


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My Dreamcast broke in 2007(It stopped reading anything:crybaby:) but I still have all of my games which mostly consists of fighting games. What I wouldn’t do to play Soul Calibur 1 again… And VMU’s are still ahead of their of time. I still have my black one!

My DC that I bought upon release is still in working condition. Though sometimes certain games take a while to load up. I should probably give it a go again since there are so many fun games on it still.

the DC was a project since 1994? or was it the name that got reused?

good read either way.

dreamcast, may thy time hereafter be filled with sweet dreams.

good night my prince…

I still have the keyboard in the original box. The one that when you signed up for Compuserve you got for free. I also have the T-shirt that was given out on release still in the plastic.

my friends and i make it a point to have a dreamcast night every weekend. this has been going on for like two years now, and it’s still a highlight of the week.

^I want to be your friend.

Consoles don’t see the creativity and mind blowing awesomeness that the Dreamcast brought to its time.

I loved mine for the same reason most of you do, but I also really love the awesome shooting games on it like Under Defeat, Border Down, Radirgy, Trizeal, and many more.

long live the dreamcast! may you never see our closets!

It is Sega’s greatest legacy to gaming history. May the ages recognize your contributions to what the modern gaming scape has become

Is it me or is the whole internet thing being under rated?