Dreamcast Appreciation

It’s been the only system I got within a couple months (as opposed to a couple years) of release. It’s disappointing that it didn’t succeed since it was willing to try to do some things different and had a solid release list. It’s also the only system I have an imported game for (DreamStudio).

You mostly didn’t have to import. Alot of the cool games were actually released here, unlike the American Saturn.

Oh I know. What I meant is that it was a system that I liked enough to deliberately go that route. Most other systems I would have just went “oh well, I’ll never be able to get that”.

I still play mine daily.

I went through a couple of dc’s in my time but have nothing but fond memories of it. It used to get rinsed out on a daily basis. I used to play:

Jet set radio!!!
Power stone 2!!
Phantasy star online
house of the dead
sonic adventures
star gladiator
kof 98 / 99 dream match

good times… good times.

I should hook my dc back up… one day.

Fixed… "
And don’t say you hate the game.

I still play SEGA Rally 2 on it.

I remember the Daytona game… That game was the shit…

I now have 7 dreamcasts. DC marvel is a part of me.

The Dreamcast was definitely THE arcade gamers console… Sega knew how to do it, ever since the beginning. I just wish they hadn’t made the decisions they made as far as hardware goes, especially for the Saturn. The Saturn could have been so much more.