Dreamcast arcade stick mod (with psx dualshock and 360 mod)


I have a dreamcast agetec stick(official stick with green buttons) and i want to use ot for xbox 360. From what ive read the madcatz atari like arcade stick for the xbox 360 is a good pcb to use as its common ground. Now my dilema is

1)Can i keep the dreamcast stick working for dreamcast or is it best to remove the DC pcb?

  1. I have psx dual shock that can be used for the solderless mod, would this be easy to connect with the xbox360 pcb (if so how?)

  2. Does the madcatz arcade pcb cause lag when used with pc? (would like to use it for GGPO etc) ive read this on some posts when searching through previous topics?

Ideally the stick would work with dreamcast, psx and 360, but getting it working with the 360 is the priority.


I would go ahead and use project boxes for the kind of setup you’re using. It sucks that the link to how to do it on an agetec stick stick is dead. So the basis of the project involves soldering db-15 connectors to the pcbs and to the stick itself. So any time you want to change to a different system you would go ahead and get the project box with that certain console pcb and hook it up to the stick.

Okay i think im gonna try and keep things as simple as possible and just replace the dreamcast stick pcb with the madcatz 360pcb, is this straight foward? is it just a case of swapping the boards and wiring up the buttons? Im not changing buttons or anything, just want a working stick for ggpo and sf4/hd remix on 360.

id really like to do the exact same thing , does anyone have any info ?

Honestly man this is exactly what i have and want to to (minus the PSX part) If anyone has any more info on how that would be great for all of us.

you can wire up a psx pcb, and just use the respective converters for the DC and 360.