Dreamcast ascii case with pcb and exar wii stick/Wii

Hey So i got a few things for sale First up is T6 wireless 360 pcb with qds for buttons looking for 25 shipped

2nd is a package of dreamcast ascii stick with no joystick and exar wii stick with no pcb but I am including a black wii classic controller so you can pad hack it your self. Also the buttons in exar have sanwa micro switches. 50 shipped or obo.

I dont mind if you want to mix and match.

how does the T6 pcb work i am thinking of making a stick and if i buy that off u how do i charge it sorry for the ignorance just wondering.

Im interested too with the T6 PCB, do you have any picis?

Also sent a pm

any news with the pcb? would u be will to take a money order?

replied and pcb is on hold for dthboi

sorry dont hold it for me found something else next person can have it i believe rcaido wanted it! good luck with the rest of your sales

Im still interested but can you please answer my Qs from my PM…How do you charge, does the Guide have Qd’s, etc…

T6 pcb is gone

fuck a duck, did someone else ended up buying the T6 pcb? i think im officially curse…