Dreamcast Cabinet controls?

I was going to make a ST cabinet but with DC version being good enough and DC having MVC2/CVS2 and more I’m going to make it a dreamcast cabinet, my problem is,

I heard the DC pads have lag when wired on the triggers, true?

if I use PS1 pads I will need converters (adding a frame of lag).

Any help would be great thanks.


regarding the triggers.

hmm thanks. Guess the question is where to find pads with face buttons.

How about gutting 2 agetecs or a 2 player stick(don’t remember the name)?

agetecs aren’t easy to find or cheap most of the time. the 2 player stick it’s pretty expenisve and hard to find as well (for me at least).

If you go on Ebay they have these arcade sticks called Topmax. They’re really cheap and they’re pcb is about the same size as the agetec.

The Madcatz (alternate spelling “Mad Catz”) controllers are usually all over eBay.

What about the tornado arcade stick? Is the PCB any good? I’m sure as hell that the stick itself isn’t it.

The Innovation and TCP converters don’t seem to add any lag.

I heard from NKI tha…

oh… n/m. lol.

I’ll do some more research. I have 2 innovations.