Dreamcast CD-R's make the lazer weaker?

Hi, I’m not going to get into everything, I just heard people say that CD-R’s make the lazer die quicker on DC’s, I’m using regular old cheapo brand CD-R’s.

I’ve people say it doesn’t matter. And I’ve heard people say it kills the lazers reading.

Can someone give me a truthful answer?

I’ve seen everything, DCs that won’t read originals, DCs that won’t read cd-r’s , DC’s that don’t read anything, and a bunch in between. That is just speculation / rumors IMO.

I was thinking along those lines as well, thanks.

I belive it only harms your lazer if you use a poorly ripped copy.
A poorly ripped copy causes the lazer to overwork trying to read it, causing it to die faster.

I ve seen DC’s that read CD-Rs better than original games.

Ah well, my CD-R is shit, and my drive slows to a crawl when burning, should I set it to a low burn speed? Would that help it burn/read better? What CD-R media should I use?

Ive got my Dreamcast since launch, used all this shit brand media, and still works… I am lucky…

Depends how you burn your games. Use dummy files to emulate the reading of gd-roms. Either way if you use burns they will take a toll on the system. You start to notice this when music starts skipping a bit.

Yeah, the music is ALWAYS skipping when I hear it loading, ever since I picked it up.


well i say the best way to burn DC games of most images is with Alcohol120%
in the TAO/DAO format or somethin like that… also alot of the newgen dreamcasts(after june2000) had problems but not all so i say its best to try for a 1999 dreamcast… i have a ton of DC fighting game ISO in good shape if any1 needs them email of PM me

I got my dreamcast at launch in '99. Didnt start using CD-Rs til beginning of '04. I have been using them quite a bit since then. No problems here.

yeah the 1999 dreamcasts seem to have the best lasers by default in them… or those sport ones that are black.
but then again it all depends on the ISO and how u burn it which i dont recommend faster than 8x

yeah, same here. usually dc units can take a beating, and prolonged cd-r use doesn’t affect it much, in my experience anyway.

Awesome, I burn my shniz at 2x.

LOL, hey, I have alot of time on my hands.

yeah parry, burnin at 2x is pretty good… i my self always burn stuff at 8x TAO/DAO on alcohol 120% and ive never had a single problem except with a late 2000 DC.
the only thing that is bad is when some1 like rips a burned copy with some cheap ISO extractor unlike NERO in .nrg and then puts it for download which makes u have a bad copy sometimes.

i burn at 52x with no problems at all… all my disks work and my DC hasnt had any problems in the year and a half ive been using it…

i use it every day 4-5 hours… so thats hella lot of hours…

all on PNY or memorex Cd’s… all burned with alcohol

Had my DC since '99 has well, no problems playing anything that isn’t badly damaged.

Lazer? What’s that? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i do all mai CDR on memorex or TDK… always seem to work the best…

Ok, well,

My CD-Burner (since a long time ago, maybe it was there before) won’t burn at high speeds anymore. It starts out burning fast, but then burns at a slow rate, in anycase, I burn at a low rate to begin with, using whatever works (DiscJuggler, FireBurner, try not to use Nero as much, but sometimes you have to)

But the MAIN question I have is.

How loud is your dreamcast when reading CD-R’s? Mine makes a slight “swooshing” sound when it’s spinning the disk, and when it louds, it’s like, squeeky, when the lazer is reading something. Sometimes it’s so squeeky You can hear it over the TV, but the DC is right below it.

It also takes (well, I don’t know, but it seems long) a longer time for things to load, like music/scenes/loading in general, although I don’t really know what “slow” is for the DC.

Would this be a problem with my burner? Or my DC?

I did buy a 6 month warranty on it, should I take it back and tell them it’s squeeking? Maybe I should pop in a GD-ROM to see if it does the same thing?

Any help is really great, thanks.

EDIT: I’ve been using Sony brand CD-R, but I just ran out, so I guess I’ll get some of the brands you guys use.