Dreamcast console problems


I recently got my hands on a DC to play fighting games on and every time I boot it up it randomly reboots.

I play selfboot copies and their original ‘store - bought’ versions so that shouldn’t be the issue.

In case you were wondering I’ve tried TDC all games have random reboot.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 again, random reboot.

Finally, Sonic adventures random reboot.

This is all while using default peripherals (2 standard controllers, 2 standard vmus)

I’ve tried using one controller, no vmus, and my friend even told me about putting the console on its side and still nothing!

Any information or insight would be nice. Buying a new is not out of the question I just dont want to be quick to throw out what I already have.

Thank you.


Turn your Dreamcast completely upside down, not just on its side.

For some reason, the laser reads discs better while the Dreamcast is upside down. It’s worked on every game that has ever frozen for me.


You know, My friend told me to do that but I kinda didn’t want to. If it works, It works right?

I’ll try it tomorrow and post my findings.


This is a REALLY common problen in Dreamcasts. Its caused by the power contacts not touching the upper board properly. To fix it, open up the dreamcast and clean out any dirt, then unscrew the top board and bend the long metal pins slightly so they contact the metal in the plugs properly.

Sorry if this isn’t very clear, i’ll try find a link to the tutorial i used.

Edit: Ok, that was easy lol http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/console/sega/dc-reset.htm

This was a really annoying problem, took 5min to fix! Good luck!


^^Good link. Thanks.


Yeah, this is gonna be it.


Thats ok, anything that gets people fixing up their Dreamcasts! I love that beige box:lovin:


After a bit of research i did figure out the problem and the link you provided is better quality with clear instructions. Thanks!


Sega used slowed down, off the shelf cd-rom drives in the Dreamcast in contrast to the Naomi arcade hardware. Thus all Dreamcasts will eventually die.


Well that sucks, hopefully mine from release date will still be kicking long from now :frowning:


Actually, they’re not off the shelf cd-rom drives but proprietary yamaha gd-rom drives that can have up to 1GB of storage information readible, unlike that of a normal cd-rom drive that can only access up to a 700 mb limit. Futhermore, I find them to be pretty robust as mine is still kicking after countless hours of 3s abuse.


they used off the shelf cd-rom drives modified to play gd-roms


Yes sure is contact problem… normally in the power supply. One of my Dreamcast had this problem, I opened it, extracted the PS part, cleaned the metallic pieces and mounted again, and never more had the reboots.



sega was notorious for using off the shelf electronics in it’s consoles, but that doesn’t necessarily limit the life of a system. that can be more of a performance issue than anything else.


Its a common problem, but atleast its easy and quick to fix, unlike the PS2 not reading certain discs, thats a ball ache. Turn the white dials slightly, put in a disc, see if it reads, turn the dials again… repeat until its reading all of the different kinds discs. Nightmare.


while on the subject of dreamcast

anyone know of a good ps2-> dreamcast adapter?


Total Control Plus is the way to go. They can be found in Trade section now and then, or you can find them in Ebay for like $15-20.


They used cheaper CD-rom parts to construct the GD-Rom drives, they didn’t just make CD drives play GD discs.

But plenty of console makers do the same things. The Dreamcast isn’t the only system that is having issues over ten years after it’s release.


Get one at super pawn or at a privately owned gaming store.


sweet thanks man!