Dreamcast controller came unplugged message

Hey everyone,
I recently put a 10 ohm resistor in the dreamcast’s controller board so I could play it again. But now I just get the message that my controller has came unplugged… when it really hasn’t.

I have a 2x Mas Sticks with P360s… one does it and one does not. Then I have a MAS with a Happ Competition that doesn’t do it at all.


EDIT: This happens when i play mvc2

EDIT 2: I put the controller board that i soldered the resistor onto into another dreamcast and it seems to be working. Is this a problem with something else in the dreamcast?

Aren’t MAS sticks notorious for doing this? Something with them changing their PCBs.

Or your controller port solder joints are getting loose

I personally think that is the main problem–wouldn’t hurt to change out the mas pcb either thoug

I was planning on changing out the pcb to a dreamcast pcb.

is this difficult?