Dreamcast Controller Port

Ok so this is the second dam time…i have a DC and the controller port just stopped working WTF!!! and i just got into editing marvel…any tips guys?? im lost and this f-ing sucks…HELP ME OUT!!! :mad:

I heard its because a resistor blows in the control board. You can get a replacement control board, like this:


awesome…thanks…now hot do i install it lol

Ask toodles, but there are multiple threads for this already. I think it’s time we sticked one of these.

Basically you open your Dreamcast and swap them pin by pin and cable by cable.
Actually after taking a second look at that price I think it might be cheaper and less work to buy another used Dreamcast

You can also use this method:


If that’s whats wrong with your DreamCast that is.

Unfortunately the pictures are gone, though they were still up about a week ago… I had a feeling I should have saved them!