Dreamcast controller

My buddy hadn’t played his DC in years and he just gave it to me for nothing. DC has some solid Capcom fighters (CvS, MvC2, SFA3, 3s, SF2X, Power Stone 2, Project Justice…) but I’m not really feeling the controller, especially for SF games. Are there any more comfortable controllers, or perhaps ones with the 2 rows of 3 buttons alignment?

Thanks for the help.

The only six-button controllers IIRC are third-party and kinda suck, your best bet would be to either get a stick or a converter if you insist on using pad.

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well, you can get the agetec stick

My hands are too big for the DC controller. My hands get sore.


Can you post a link? I can’t seem to find it on the net (found plenty on the Spider Man villain).

I saw that you can get adapters where you can use a ps2 controller on dreamcast. What I don’t understand about this is…what do you do with a memory card?


Green Goblin is the nicname for the Agetec Official DC stick. Dunno where you can find it other than ebay though.

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There should be a DC controller port in every arcade game cabinet.

I seriously play better in ANYTHING with that controller.

I use this one
it has a slot for your memory card

if you don’t want to pay the little extra for that, then you just slap the memory card into a normal DC controller in a port you aren’t using

I’ve worn one of my controllers in so much that I can execute qcfqcf basically by doing d/f,d/f.

DC for life.

Oh yea, duh. I didn’t think of that. Can you get these things in game stores or no?

Honestly, I don’t think there is a more perfectly designed controller than a standard ps2 pad. I’m very happy that Sony is using the same model for ps3 instead of that corny looking boomerang thing.

Japanese Saturn controller owns PSX pad for free. Fuck the haters. that shit is small as fuck.

Now that you mention Saturn…are the people at Sega idiots or something? Saturn controllers had more buttons and a significantly better design than that oafy dreamcast thing.

For the DC, the Agetec stick is the only way.

I got good with the DC pad, but it was because DC was the first console I had that I got into fighters with, not owning any sticks, I played for years on that controller, so I’m still rather good on it. Though I can totally see how people would hate it, and yes, triggers are less than desirable since you can’t hit them as quickly.

If you already got a stick for the PS2 (or just prefer playing on a PS2 pad), going with the converter is a good choice. My converter just came in today. 'Works perfectly with the Hori and I saved quite a bit of money :tup: