Dreamcast Custom Stick...WIP help

hi guys,since the twin blaze is quite useless due to its dimension , my brother and I decided to take away all the things inside (pcb and stick) and make 2 custom stick.
Here the pics of the inside:

The buttons will be throw away since they are awful, and they will be replaced with 6 Seimitsu PS-14-G-BK or 6 Sanwa OBSF-30 (the start and the turbo buttons will be the Blaze one)… now the first question:
1- is it possible to put those buttons on my pcb? as you can see the original ones were solder,these one has quick disconnects. I heard that it doesnt matter since I can solder the sanwa/seimitsu…am i right?

The stick will remain the Blaze one, it’s cheap I know but it’s ok, is not that bad… if in the future i d want to put a sanwa/seimitsu instead,is it possible? (now i wll stuck with blaze though).

The Last question is about this thing:

whats that thing below the stick?

— THX 4 any help!! :wgrin:

Looks like the rumble feature thingy.

so i need to keep it,right?

you can remove the rumbles without any problem. it will just send a signal to nothing, and that won’t harm anything, unless you really like rumble.

i’ m not interested in the rumble thing…good!
and about the buttons?

So long as you don’t cut that thing in half by melting the plastic with a soldering iron, you’re already leagues ahead of another Blaze mod that got posted here…

ahah i won’t solder the plastic…i will build two arcade stick seperately with something else :slight_smile:
so…buttons? xD

You can use sanwa/seimitsu with no trouble. Either solder directly, or crimp some quick disconnects onto the wires.

thx very much!
i will get them and finally play with my dc again :slight_smile:

Yeah, that thing in the last pic is the little rumble motor. All you need to do for sanwa/seimitsu buttons is to clip the wires and put solder or crimp style disconnects. For the joystick you can just splice the wires to the JLF harness. While you still have it together just write down where each color wire goes. Especially if you are going to solder the wires anywhere.
If you are just going to junk the case I’d glady pay to have you ship it to me if you are in the US.

i will sell the case… but i’m from Italy and not US so it would be to expensive :slight_smile:
thx anyway for the advices! tmr i will order the buttons :slight_smile: