Dreamcast Dragoncast Fight Stick

I just won an auction for an interesting looking Dreamcast fight stick that I can’t find much info on. The box claims it to have true buttons/stick, and I’m curious to know what’s inside of it.

I generally use Japanese Saturn Virtua Sticks via a converter, but I really like the built-in VMU screen on the Dragoncast. I hope that my optimism doesn’t turn on me though, this could very well be a complete joke of a stick. It was $35/shipped, which is relatively cheap at least.

Oh man, that looks totally cringeworthy. It’ll probably be junk on the inside. Oh well, it’ll probably be a cool stick to tear apart and rebuild. Those bubbles for the right hand, that looks bad. Best of luck, pal.

I miss controllers with a “slow” function. It takes me back…

If the buttons and stick are replaceable then I guess that can live with the bubbles. Remember when they put those on sandals? It hurts just thinking about them.

The Dragoncast may very well go right back to eBay though if it doesn’t make the grade, because I picked up an Agetec Dreamcast stick for $44/shipped on Amazon Marketplace yesterday.

That box is complete gold. You got me laughing so hard. Thanks for posting these images.

As for modding, I wouldn’t touch it. Leave it stock and either hold onto it, or relist on eBay.

The hardware looks nonstandard, and making it compatible with existing arcade parts would completely devalue the stick (if it even managed to hold up, that is).

The Dragoncast came in today and I was a bit torn on it at first. It feels lightweight and the stick was clunky. The buttons however are incredible and house Cherry MX knock-off switches inside mounted exactly like in a Gamerfinger. Except for their small size, they feel indistinguishable from my Gamerfinger Cherry MX Blues. They’re very tactile and well constructed.

Luckily, Cherry D44X switches are exact replacements to the Chinese switches in the stick. After replacing them the stick felt a lot better. The dead-zone was too big with Cherries though, so I went back to the stock switches. Silicone grease brings it to life nicely, and if you can live with the circular gate it’s feels good.


The stock switches

Good find :open_mouth:

$35 for 6 buttons that feel like Gamerfingers is a pretty sweet deal considering how much those cost usually.

i think its cool for a dreamcast pcb that has vmu, rumble and turbo support haha

I’m tempted to get one of these just for the pcb and vmu support…

The box says “REAL ACRADE”!! :smiley:

Talk about truth in advertising.

There is a DC Gamemate on ebay right now. They are Sega Virtua Sticks with sticker put on top to cover the Sega Saturn and Virtua Stick Logo and a built in converter inside lol.