Dreamcast failure at Evo2k *now with updated soundtrack*


This is what happens when a console fails at Evo2k. LOL.



Here is another version with the Ghetto Boys song as requested. LOL.




Thanks for uploading. That was priceless.


Man with MVC2 coming to ps3 there is no reason for DC anymore?


I see that point, but man… It’s that the way to treat a hero?

Poor DC deserved at least a minute of silence :frowning:

It’ was a good ride DC, now just walk into the light…


Ahahah so raw


I’m working on those money match races right now. haha. Will be uploading shortly.


Dreamcast got smashed to pieces.


Dreamcast will live forever!


its not confirmed yet mvc2 coming to ps3/360 is arcade perfect. so the dreamcast might be the only way for marvel.


I don’t think it is going to matter if it is arcade perfect or not, as long as it ain’t broke to hell.

There will be a whole new group of people playing it, either the OGs will enter the tournament or they won’t.

The community has to keep moving forward.


Thanks for uping the vid. I missed it live while toward the back of the room. :sad:

DJ fucked up and should have been playing this song [media=youtube]TMoTxULhWMM[/media]


Funniest part was Yipes looking on with disgust on the live stream


Man, putting that music to it makes it ATLEAST 100x better. :smiley:


LOL. Straight out of Officespace. I can add this soundtrack to this video if you want. HAHA. Just let me know.


Damn Tony, that was my dreamcast! :frowning:


soooo true


Maybe he will give you back your 5 dollars…


Tony “The incredible Hulk” Cannon?


Hey yo I will always have a DC for it’s originality! I’m a firm believer in remember where you came from!!


Here you go guys. With the requested song. haha