Dreamcast Help

Looking to get a Dreamcast soon
And wanted to know what is the best Arcade Joystick?
Do DC Lasers generally go out quickly like the Original PS laser?
What other common problems do I have to look out for?

i have a dreamcast and bought it when it first came out and it still works today like it did when i first got it… as for the joystick issue idk someone will chime in soon tho

If you can find an Agetec Green Goblin, that thing is god tier. If not, get a PS2 stick an adapter.

Well, it’s still 10 year old hardware so just be aware of that…

I forget the name of it, but Sega made a 1st party stick that I’m sure is hard to come by now… It might be cheaper to build one yourself.

i dont think they ever made a 1st party stick, but instead let agetec make it for them. so it was sort of the “official stick” of the dreamcast…

great stick… i bought one from someone on this site (check the trading post)

and earlier this week i snagged one off ebay for 50$ (which is kinda cheap for them)

i’ll be modding one with sanwa parts once lizardlick catches up to my order.

as for problems… if you can, get a dreamcast manufactured before October 2000… they are the best ones…

Thanks for the info
Most of the ppl I come by on Ebay don’t know the manufacturing date
I have a HRAP:SA for the PS2 that I need a convertor for …Does anyone know the best convertor?

apparently there’s an innovation one, if that’s true it’s probably godlike.

I have an Innovation PSX/Saturn-to-Dreamcast adapter that is incredible (it has a built-in VMU jack). My only issue with it is that it doesn’t work well with third party PSX controllers.

I have heard about the
Controller port
Reset Issues
Are they commonplace???

I was able to buy one from the local PlayNTrade
The store had 2 systems and I argued with the guy for 15-20minutes to test out the system and see which one had the better laser
One white one manufactored on Jan. 2000 had a clean looking laser but a dirty exterior
There was another black Sega Sports one clean exterior but dirty looking laser with hairs in between the laser assembly
I bought the one took it home and made some backups they played fine it I got some grinding noises not as bad as a Xbox 360 but there there
Should I clean it or just leave well enough alone…?

ASCII made a crazy optical stick for DC

If its a noise that sounds like the laser is moving a lot, thats normal i think… you can hear the laser quite well when you insert a game into mine, and a few video’s ive watched you can hear it pretty well on the camera.

Yeah I guess the loading times are not that crazy
I seen that Videogame Central has GD-Rom Drive replacement but they are in backorder.
Wouldnt that be great brand new drives on a 9-10 year system
Are there any other places that offer brand new drives instead of us going to ebay for a replacement dreamcast…?