dreamcast issue

Does anybody know if it’s common for controller delays on big screen tvs? I’ve been trying to play Third Strike on a new 42 inch tv, and for some reason i press forward, the sprite takes time to respond, and when i release, the sprite keeps going for a little while as well. it’s the same with any input, and i tried with multiple controllers. I just moved, and shipped my dreamcast to myself in a box through the post office, wondering if it got jarred on the way here, or if there is a known issue for this. I know before i moved, i was on a 27 inch tv and everything was kosher…

I tested a second game, and the input seemed to be fine…could street fighter 3 just be messed up somehow? (btw, the game i tested was mortal kombat. it sucks).

It may be your TV if its HD…

it is an HD tv…is there any way to shut down this setting or something?

prob & solution


omg :rofl:

yeah turn off the HD