Dreamcast on HDTV

I’ve been researching about the so called VGA box or cords for the DC, the thing is that I’m quite confused, if the DC is supposed to directly support VGA output then why would you need a box instead of just a VGA cord?

My true question is, let’s say I have a HDTV with VGA port, can I just get a VGA cable for my Dreamcast and set it up directly and thats it? or is there a better way to hook up a DC to a HDTV?

Thanks in advance

right now i just have the regular cable going into my our 37 hd lcd,

i have the vga box, but not all games are compatible for use with it so i haven’t even tried hooking it up.

I have an official Sega Vga-box-kindda-thing on which I can select VGA/S-video output using a switch for the Games that support or not VGA.

My DC is plugged in both VGA and S-video to my 32" LCD TV. (VGA looks nice indeed!)

Anyone know where to get a DC VGA cable from a reliable place?

I got a backup VGA box about a year ago from a EB games but that was probably just luck.

It’s a very simple device. I opened it up and took a look inside because I was thinking of putting it inside the DC so it just had a VGA port on the console itself.

All the games I have for DC use it and look great.

Well thats what seems confusing to me, isn’t the DC VGA ready? in theory you shouldn’t need to place anything inside the console to give it a VGA port since it already supports direct connection via VGA cable. Now what I’m getting with your replies is that the diference between the VGA cable and the VGA box is that if you have the box it gives you the option to switch to composite/S-Video if a certain game of yours doesn’t support VGA output, I may be saying BS tough…so anybody feel free to confirm or deny my guess

I think you completely missed what he said. He wants to install a 15 pin VGA connector on the Dreamcast itself, instead of plugging a cable or box into the A/V connector on the back of the DC. Its a fairly easy mod to do.

Correct. If you’re willing to do a little burning, most of the DC original games that don’t work with VGA can be made to work with VGA as a backup, or with some GameShark style bootdiscs.

toodles is right. u could just grab some vga cables and make one using the instructions found on arcadecontrols.com.

but only do this if you know what ur doing. otherwise just get it on ebay. you dont have to get the sega brand. wutever is fine. they all work. some have better features with the svideo thing but eh.

Thanks a lot for the help guys, I really didn’t know too much about VGA connections and googled about it but you gave me a better outlook of things, I’m probably getting a HDTV soon and since I love my DC I wanted to make sure what were the chances of taking it to the HD era (I know its just going to be up to 480p but whatever that’s fine to me)

i have 3 vga boxes, they were made for the ps2/xbox/cube, but i use it for my dreamcast as well and it works just fine. S-Video output, of course.

for the people that have tried the vga on a hdtv, do you guys experience lag? because i do. i have never tried it on a regular lcd but that shouldnt make a difference. the timing on rom was the slightest bit off so i thought it was just me. so i put in 3s and try to do yuns combo and they didnt work (couldnt even do forward fierce, hop kick, hopkick). it seemed that it just slowed down or dropped frames–something along those lines.

or is it bc of my tv?? i have a sony btw


I guess this has to do with your tv, if it’s an lcd then it have to scale to the right resulotion if 480P isen’t the native res (witch i really really doubt it is)
I have my DC connected to either a 19" or a 17" crt computer monitor, works great and no lag.

Tried it on my LCD computer monitor a while ago, but that is widescreen so aspect ratio gets fucked’up, not many DC games support ws. Had no noticeable lag, but on the otherhand i diden’t play any fast or fighting games.

Edit: wrote 480i instead of 480p, now fixed

Edit2: http://www.racketboy.com/retro/2006/05/dreamcast-vga-cable-compatibility-list.html <-- list of vga compatible dc games

VGA Box with s-video, guess your talking about an VGA upscanbox or something, as far as i know ps2 and gc cant output true VGA. The dreamcast can output true VGA signal.

So, is there anyway to get VGA without sacrificing sound output from the DC?

The VGA boxes I have have audio hookups on them. They have the Red and White cables that I run into a stereo system and an earphone jack that I sometimes use with computer speakers. Is that what you mean?

Yeah. I just have a straight DC to VGA cable and I don’t think there’s any audio output with it. Dang it.

There should be a 1/8" stereo jack on the end of the cable. Hook a 1/8" phono plug <-> 2x RCA cable into that.

:rofl: because i actually have those lying around. (no sarcasm)

So the DC still lags with vga?

not sure yet…i only tried on my sony hdtv. have yet to try on a crt monitor and a regular (not widescreen) lcd monitor.

thanks for the info so far