Dreamcast pad and TE pcb grounding problems

im trying to hook an official DC pad up to my TE to use it for some 3S. if i have the grounds for the buttons/stick hooked up to the TE pcb as well as the the DC pcb the buttons and stick do nothing. if i take the ground wire off the TE pcb they work fine. id rather not have to pull the stick to bits every time i want to switch between DC and 360 and the joysticks connection to the ground chain is through the TE pcb anyway. i’ve had the TE connected to JAMMA boards like this and it works fine.

anyone else had this problem and fixed it? im thinking maybe putting a diode in the ground wire might sort it out.


No Diodes.

Did you remember the 2 golden rules of Dual-Modding?

Connect Vcc to Vcc both/all boards
Connect ground to Ground both/all boards