Dreamcast PCB in Hori EX2?


I just bought a dreamcast and it’s been pretty awesome. The only problem is the lack of joysticks to play all the great fighters the system has. I tried to track down an Agetec, with no success, and I can’t find any online stores that still have the Dream Connection II in stock.

So, I was thinking, since I have a broken EX2 (I modded it, but then the PCB died, so I have all Sanwa parts but no insides) could I fit a standard Dreamcast PCB in the shell? I don’t really know what a DC PCB looks like, but anyone who has seen the inside of an EX2 knows that there isn’t much space to work with.

Has anyone attempted this mod, or should I pursue other options?


I presume you mean the controller PCB and not the console PCB. I’m pretty sure it should fit fine, PCBs are pretty small and that stick looks kind of high. So it should fit snugly under the buttons.


Umm. I can’t tell by the diagram, but is it a common ground?

EDIT: Okay, I cracked a controller and checked, it’s common ground. Now I need to figure out a way to get it to fit in there…


Why not use a Total Control Plus to convert PSX to DC? It’s on ebay all the time.

If you do end up using a DC PCB, I don’t recommend the official DC controller as pictured above. The trigger buttons will have delay since they’re not digital. Use a Madcatz Fighting pad with the 6 buttons on the front face.