Dreamcast Petition

Support the idea to bring Atomiswave games to DC.http://www.petitiononline.com/sammydc/petition.html

fuck yeah.

While youre At It Make A Petition To Add Online Play To MvC2 For Xbox…


you dont get it do you? The dreamcast is dead, dead i tell you. The DC die back in October 26, 2000 when the PS2 launch wiping it out of the face of earth. Nothing you can say can revive the DC anymore, why do you think sega stop making console now. Just get yourself a PS2 or a Xbox. I myself gave up the DC cause it wasnt even worth it anymore even for arcade perfect MVC2 or Project Justice. You can keep crying all you want, but no one is going to make anymore games for the DC, hell i even see companies rather make games for the PS1 than the DC.:lol:

That’s in America, Beavis. Japan dc had games come out THIS year.

Rhio2k is right .

Lot of good that does us yanks :bluu:

lol internet petition

Even though it’s not completely dead yet in Japan there is no way any company is going to develop for DC in America. It’s a sure loss. If there was a small 3rd party developer who could contract with Japanese DC developers and direct sell theses games in the US and Uk, however… there just might be a market for that… targeting the DC crowd.

LOL I was buying some pelican joysticks just last night and the salesman looked at me all sorts of crazy when I asked him if I’d run into any problems playing them on a DC with the PS2 controller adapter.

I looked deeper into the project and it looks like it could be done.
Maybe not for the US but we could allways import the games.

dc games still get released in japan i think.

the only games getting released on DC are dating sims, shooters, and shitty KOF games, none of which are nearly as technically straining on DC hardware as an atomiswave game.

We can at least try to get some new fighters on the DC. We have nothing to lose.


Really? I have a copy of Guilty Gear X for import dc, and everything’s fine. Isn’t Atomiswave Sammy’s proprietary hardware? The only reason GGXX and all those other upgrades weren’t released for dc is because Sammy had jumped onto the ps2 bandwagon, despite it’s shortcomings compared to the dc…and ps2 STILL has the GG games looking good as well.

Re: Re: Dreamcast Petition

you dont get it do you? The dreamcast is dead, dead i tell you. The DC die back in October 26, 2000 when the PS2 launch wiping it out of the face of earth.

Re: Re: Re: Dreamcast Petition

YOU don’t seem to get it. If the Atomiswave games are ported to dc, Japan is where it will happen, THEN they will, or will not be made availabe for US dc. So this COULD happen. You think there are fighting game companies with Atomiswave boards in America? PLEASE. The only companies that make games worth giving a shit about, let alone Atomiswave games, are in Japan. Capcom of America doesn’t make games (anymore, for over a decade, since that gay-ass saturn Final Fight fighter), Sammy of America doesn’t make games. It’s the japanese companies. They make the games, and months later, their american counterparts release those games here. (That’s why all fighters speak japanese, duh) And since that is so, they’re only gonna make those games for the japanese dc, which ISN’T DEAD in Japan. The american offices of those companies will more than likely decline on the translation to american market, since the dc IS dead in America, but we can always import.

Rhio2k is right, dc is still very popular in japan. just because Skyler thinks the DC is dead that dosen’t mean everyone else does.

Heck, Dreamcast is still popular in America, people are still making homebrew games for it, and there are many online forums and dedicated websites to it…
I LOVE my dreamcast and will never stop playing it…
well, maybe when I am able to get an X-box with all the good 2d fighters and x-box live, but I probably aint gettin that amount of money for a while, but for now, Dreamcast RULES!!!

New smilies are sorta cool…

Yeah, anyway, DC homebrew scene is actually sorta crazy… There are media players (like DivX, WMV, etc etc), MP3 jukeboxes, web browsers, games, emulators etc…

Is it wrong for me to assume people want Atomiswave games on the DC just so they can burn them and play them for cheap?