Dreamcast Petition

Out of interest, can anybody name a success story that has come about as a direct result of a (snigger) internet petition?

It doesn’t matter what opinion anybody has.

Fact: The DC is dead.

I’m pretty sure Atomiswave is too advanced for the DC, plus there is no real incentive for anyone to release those games to DC. The DC may not quite be dead in Japan, but it’s pretty close. It certainly isn’t popular, hell how long were Saturn games coming out in Japan, a really long time…

Please sign my intraweb petition too, thank you.


falls out of chair laughing BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways, first internet petitions are a joke. No company worth a grain of salt takes them seriously.

Second, Dreamcast is dead. Why spend the money producing and marketing a game for a dead system? The Dreamcast-based Atomiswave system will not make it any cheaper to produce a port, nor will it yield any kind of expandable profit.

Dreamcast is dead! Get off the cock and deal, bitches.


Yes, your right the only reason people want them is so that they could burn them and play for cheap. :lame: I bet no one in here even has a modchip which is necessary to play some imports. Keep them on next gen consoles please.

Posted by Magnet-Genocide:“Support the idea to bring Atomiswave games to DC URL=http://www.petitiononline.com/sammydc/petition.html http://www.petitiononline.com/sammydc/petition.html

Seriously, you may want to spellcheck your petition seeing as it looks pretty silly and doesn’t really look as if anyone would take it seriously. I’ll humor you and say ok there’s some random dude in the Sammy/Atomiswave Public Relations Division and someone tells him, " Look around for random petitions so we can see what Atomiswave fans really want!". Even if he did that petition looks so fobbarific that they wouldn’t even understand what you’re trying to do. At least provide a brief prospectus as to how they would benefit from it. If you’re gonna do petition lol, give it some thought. Peoples signatures aren’t gonna do anything without any reasoning behind it. If there was a petition that could cause to happen, this one surely isn’t the one. What professional company would see merit in that petition? I’ve viewed some of the posts and it looks so silly almost like people petitioning to bring Elvis back. I mean I would love to have Atomiswave games on Dreamcast but I’ve accepted that it won’t happen. If the contributors to themselves seriously they would’ve put more thought into how they posted.

Atomiswave sadly would not port any games to DC merely due to a petition. DC games are still made in Japan but not due to any petitions.

Some of you people have no idea what the word dead means. The DC still has games coming out for this year, so unless Sega is letting everybody and their mother make games for it without the need for their consent, it’s far from dead.

actually that’s pretty much how it works

if you ahve an older dreamcast, than you dont need a mod chip, you just need to rip and burn the right way…

Were you even listening?!? It’s all about profit. It doesn’t matter how many unknown niche games dribble out of a small publishing house. They need to be motivated by a large revenue.

There is simply no money in releasing games for the 7th most popular system. And all the crybaby fits in the world won’t change that. Take the blinkers off.

It doesn’t have to be a large amount of profit to show that there’s still life and it doesn’t need to have big companies develop for it to show it, either. Not only that, as long as there is ANY revenue, there’s still support, not just a large amount.

You can say that they’re dead all you want, but unless the dead has gained the ability to move around and be active, your words don’t mean a thing, so the only one that has the blinders on is you.

it might just me, but i think it might have to do with storage restrictions, GGXX and GGXX#R for PS2 are both on dvd media.

although after looking at ripped games (sry for talking about it) for xbox/ps2, the games do look smaller than 700mb

  • looks around for DC Atomiswave ports *

  • fails *

  • looks for the faintest rumor of a potential future release *

  • fails *

Why is this thread open? There will be no Atomiswave games coming to DC. There’s a better chance of “Dolemite vs Fucking Midway” coming before Atomiswave games are released on DC. Trust me, thats a cool idea but there is no benefit from Sammy/Atomiswave to make that venture. I love my Dreamcast, but the system isn’t really alive enough to recieve ports from Atomiswave. I don’t care how many fat incoherent japanophile fanboys post on that whack ass petition, it does’nt mean shit. More credit would be given if the petition wasn’t so damn otaku-infested. What company is going to respond to what looks like incoherent english.


… :lame:

Nokato Sakurazuka is kind of right, but it never hurts to try. I mean if shoryuken dosen’t care then who will? snk-capcom… I don’t think so.

I’ll take that bet. I got two.

That’d be suicide if they made and distributed the game on the Dreamcast. Think about it…Your already at lost because not everyone is accessable to purchase a Dreamcast or already has one, because the system is dead. And who would be playing on a dead system? Mostly like the hardcore gamers that still have a love for the system or a game on that system. Now add in the fact your product is geared toward a niche market, and that games can be easily pirated for this system, your lossing huge.

Damn you people got to stop being greed.

Co-sign. I fucking soldered them in myself too, bitch.

DC is NOT dead(in Japan). However, don’t be expecting huge games for it, IIRC Sega didn’t even produce it’s new Puyo Puyo Fever and Sakura Taisen games(their other 2 big hits this past year) for the DC.

[Edit]Correction. According to Sega’s “Sega Press” monthly newsletter, they have 9 games coming for the DC, 3 which are out right now(One of which is their popular Puyo Puyo Fever, so I stand corrected, the other is an LE version of the 2nd game…), 4 distinct releases coming out before the end of the year(just listed as 2004), and 2 more with no date, but slated for release. That’s 3 more than what they’re claiming for X-Box(one of which is SVC Chaos, the other is a “Premium Cut” version of Blue Stinger) and GBA, 7 more than the GC, and a little less than 1/3rd of what they’re pushing for the PS2(30).

Soooo, my point still stands. Far from dead. Sakura Taisen, after the collector’s edition with ST4, isn’t popping up on there, but a few other games still show their faces. However, this is still the Ren’ai/SLG gamer’s platform of choice.

nintendo 64 emulation was recently possible on dreamcast. ;]