Dreamcast Power button

I was wondering if there is away to rewire the power button to turn on the dreamcast rather than pushing the normal dreamcast power button. If the dreamcast was made into an arcade cab,(having the power up button on top of the control panel)

if you have a cabinet, then the power switch for the cab should turn off everything in it including the monitor. So, just leave the DC on, and have your cabinet turn off the power to the DC and monitor alike.

yeah but say, I wanted to add the button to my arcade control panel, say next to the start or top panel, would I have to rewire the power switch that holds both my monitor and dreamcast, and connect it to my control panel/arcade stick.

Why would you even want or need to do that though if you just do what Toodles mentioned? Just leaving the Dreamcast in the cab and leaving it switched on so it turns on when the cab turns on is probably most efficient and least redundant solution.

That said, it wouldn’t be impossible to fiddle around inside your dreamcast and solder some kind of control panel mounted button to the power of the console.