Dreamcast project

so I’ve been doing a little research on this for a while now and I’ve came across some ideas over the internet.


for starters this guy has some what managed what I wanted to do but I wanted an arcade stick version of this. My main concern was to see if I could actually make the whole thing portable and this guy has done that. Screen, speakers and I guess the DC are being powered w\o a power cord attached to it. What kind of battery system is powering it? and judging by the size of this unit, how long would the battery in there last for approximately?

A friend had a great idea to use an old portable dvd player with a video in on it. Pretty sure you can find those for pretty cheap but we don’t know if those screen would cause lag.


this is supposed to be a dreamcast mod to allow a HD to be put used on the DC and I was wondering if anyone else had more info on it.

that was all I had on it and I don’t know if it ever came into existence.

All of the answers you need are going to be a lot easier to find here:


Personally I don’t think most portable DVD players have the speed to play games on very well. most will lag and dont have a great refresh rate.

Some people on that site use laptop batteries, rechargeable AA, and stuff like that for power.

No idea on the SD or HD questions.

oh shit, thanks.

if anyone else is interested, they’re using laptop batteries.

I would like to see a journal of this if you go through with it