[DreamCast Question] Is it possible for my optical drive to read GDROMS?

I have a CD-ROM drive and a DVD-RW drive and was wondering if there was some sort of way to get either of them to read my GDROMs.

Thanks in advance! :lovin:


EDIT: in detail what i mean is No, you’d need a GD-ROM drive to play GD-ROMS and if what im thinking, that you’re thinking of doing, which is burn/rip dreamcast games its probably already been ripped and moreso you’d need a devkit with a special legacy cable for the DC

^^ co sign

Thanks for info =D

Play GDROM games? Nope
Rip GDROM games? Maybe. While the serial cable and broadband ripping is all around, it may be possible to rip with a DVD: http://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=75376

But it will always be easier and faster to find a place to download them from, than ripping your own.

^ whoa that shit is new to me
but its pretty much unnecessary since 99.9% of all dc games are online somewhere

Toodles: i have the TDC final with sfIII, cvs2, mvc2, spfIIt, cfd and ikaruga

going by the title screen and your old AV i assume you’re the same toodles?

oh hell ya that’s mine. TDC is short for Toodles D. Clown. :slight_smile:

haha dood thank you for that disc
it NEVER leaves my DC
except for vampire savior