Dreamcast Reset Problem


I know the DC reset problem is very common, and I’ve found temporary fixes online, but I would like to share my experience fixing mine.

The existing “Temp fix” is free if you have a screwdriver, and my fix costs about $1.50 or so. First head to the nearest auto parts store and get a small package of dielectric grease (generally used when changing spark plugs). Then head on home and open your DC, remove the plug on the top of the power supply and unscrew the two screws. Remove the power supply from the console and leave everything else in place. Now get a small amount of dielectric grease on the prongs sticking out that plug the power supply into the rest of the DC console, make sure you take extra care to not bridge any connections here with the grease. After that plug the power supply back onto the console (again making sure you don’t bridge anything with the grease) and scew in the two screws, plug in the top plug, put the top of the console back on and screw in the last 4 scews and plug in the modem/network adapter. That’s it!

The reason I believe this will last longer than the more common “bend the pins” solution is over time the pins just lost connection again while the grease continues to conduct electricity and finishes the connection over a long period of time (usually 15,000 miles to 100,000 miles depending if you used copper or higher-end stuff)… sorry I had to. Without the grease you just bend the pins and over time they bend right back and lose the connection again. I don’t know for sure that this is better, but I would like input if anybody else tries it.

PS. If you don’t know how to work on your DC, please do some research so you don’t fry yourself, and always make sure the console is unplugged when taking it apart. I don’t want you to blow yourself or your DC up.