Dreamcast Resets

So I bought a Dreamcast, Green Goblin and MVC2 from my dearly departed friend and SRK OG Weeks. Oh he’s not dead, just married now. Anyway, the system is screwy, here’s some symptoms:

  1. press start button and the light doesn’t come on all the way but blinks repeatedly (and weakly); I have found that tapping the front area helps to make it start up properly
  2. when it finally does stop blinking and the light brightens up fully, I hear a long, tired beep sound
  3. the system will completely stop and die at some point during gameplay; not just reset and go to the white screen with the dreamcast swirl, but completely die and not start up again for a couple of minutes.

Thoughts? I searched and couldn’t come up with a problem, the closest I could find in a couple of threads was a seemingly notorious “reset” problem, but couldn’tfind any threads about it.

The beeping sound is a dead VMU battery. I don’t know about anything else. Sorry.

I have the same problem when it comes to the Dreamcast randomly resetting. It will usually not get further than a game at most in Marvel2.

The thing with my DC is that it has’nt had the best luck. A mini MAS was dropped on it while it was on, and the ports were blown out. (And while they have been set up to work, they have not be properly fixed with a new resistor)

However, I can sometimes play games just fine on two conditions. 1 being that I use an actual copy of Marvel2 instead of a custom Marvel2. The 2nd one is that since my ports on the DC are wired funny, the same mini MAS that fell on it can be shorting it out since MAS’ have been known to blow out DC ports. It can also be a combination of both.

I use my MAS that had an official DC PCB and it worked fine, so I’m leaning towards the MAS PCB shorting out the DC, so, maybe you want to check your ports? Also, do try using an official copies of games if you are’nt already.

Well worth a try cleaning the power pins. It involves opening your Dreamcast, though it’s very easy. I’ve done it on a half-dozen different DCs and never had any problems.

Guide here: http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/console/sega/dc-reset.htm

I agree with Fluxcore. Open the DC and remove the power supply. Give the power pins a really good clean (use fine sandpaper if you wish and alcohol) and you can also bend the contacts out a bit so they push a bit harder against the pins.

I’ve done this to a few DC’s and they work great afterwards.

Thanks for the help so far guys, but still no such luck. I took it apart, cleaned the pins, bent them a little, used alcohol and it still seems to mess up.

I should be clearer I guess, it’s not that the Dreamcast resets per say by stopping then going back to the white screen with the Dreamcast swirl, like it would if I turned it off then immediately turned it back on. It just completely goes black and stops like it’s not even turned on.

And the other thing that remains consistent is that when I do first fire it up, it doesn’t start up, the light blinks repeatedly and only a tap on the front end area will start it up (right around the light and above the controller ports…could the ports or the chip above the ports be a problem?).

Thanks again!

Did you check the power switch when you took it apart?? Perhaps the power switch it gets stuck, and can’t come back up freely. That might be a reason you have to hit it in the front so it could snap back up free for the power on position. Just a thought…

check to see if the fan is working… if the fan is not working it will turn off automatically.

I’ll check that…the fan definitely works on start-up; if for some reason it shuts off during normal play would that make the system shut off too?

BTW Last night I took off the outer cover, pressed in the switch that lets the DC know the case is closed, and played MVC2 for about 30 minutes with no reset problem. I still had to tap the front end to make it start properly, but it seemed to keep going without the case on. Maybe there’s something to the fan issue; maybe it’s overheating and shutting off and playing without the case keeps it cooler?

Got it working! Not sure how though; I think it was partly due to the fan as it seemed to be loose at it’s connection to the Dreamcast. It might have been shutting off and overheating the DC.

glad to hear you got it working dude. sorry it was in such crappy condition! but hey at least you got a nice stick out of the deal if nothing else.

glad to hear you got it working… all my dcs have had problems with the fans… so that is usually the first thing that i check.

Haha, all of a sudden, my DC is doing the same things. I suppose I will need to try the fan sometime.