Dreamcast Sticks? Converters?


What would be the best way of doing this?


Mc cthulhu or PS360 in your current stick is probably your best bet.


I have the cthulhu, and it works great with my DC, i recomend :slight_smile:


Buy this, pad hack and disable triggers. Game on!


Mc cthulhu or PS360


I don’t understand the question.

Do you want your DC stick working on other consoles? Or do you want an arcade stick to work on Dreamcast?


Based on his theory thread, my assumption is that he wants a stick that can play on DC, in order to play the DC version of ST. MC Cthulhu is really the only option.


How so when things like the PS360+ exist (which would also be easier to connect than a MCC) and adapters?

In fact if his main stick is for PS2 then getting an adapter makes more sense. There’s just too much information that the OP hasn’t told us yet.


If your buddies already have a PS360+ or McCuthlu then just make a legacy cable or buy one for $15 each.

If you still have your PS2 stick then buy a total Control Adapter.


His main “stick” is his ST cab he’s going to be getting rid of. I say MCC since he’s not interested in PS3 or 360 support, he might as well save some scratch.


dude, i was wondering around at the trading outlet and I found this guy

he is selling a DC PCB :slight_smile:
I don’t know if the price is good
Just trying to help :slight_smile:


all converters suck and lag, just get a ps360. put one in my MAS and never looked back