Dreamcast to Jamma?

I’ve been looking into putting Capcom vs SNK 2 on one of my arcade machines, and at first glance it looks like it’ll cost like five or six hundred dollars to get a naomi with gd rom and capcom converter and the game. Bleh.

So I thought, what if I could just plug a dreamcast in to jamma? That’d be crazy. But why not google it and find out? So I did, and I found a bunch of info on this MGCD thing (for example http://www.hehehe.org/ ).

Then I went to ebay and saw that there is a dreamcast version of the game, but it’s Japan only, so I dunno if it’d even work on a regular dreamcast.

My question is, anybody know anything about this? Or is there a better way to play Capcom vs SNK 2 on an arcade machine?


You could use a Boot CD + Japanese disc on you US(?) dreamcast
You could use a “self-boot” CD-R copy of the game disc
You could use Chankast (dreamcast emulator) if you already have PC & MAME

Just a few options among many.

Yeah, it will be in Japanese if you use the DC… Also you would have loading times on the disc…
I think it would make more sense to use a PS2… It’d be in English, for starters, and you could avoid the loading times… I think if you used the old model PS2 and put the game on a hard drive, you would eliminate the load times completely. Plus, it wouldn’t take much more than a really old harddrive, as the game is only about 230 MB.
Here’s a link for more JAMMA adapters…


Seriously though, I play CvsS2 on my Dreamcast all the time, and there isn’t any real language barrier. IF you’ve played 2EO on xbox, it’s the EXACT same thing (just without the stupid EO system and online play)

EDIT: Self-boot CD-Rs are great, if you do burn yourself one remember to burn it at 1x speed, otherwise you’ll wear out the Dreamcast and it’s going to start having disc-read errors. I’ve seen this in action, I gave my friend copies of a CD-R burnt at 32x and then burnt myself a 1x CD and his as of about 2 months ago is completely unusable. I have a CD that boots up and lets me select either MvsC2, CvsS2, or SFIII:3s. It’s downright nifty.

I know there’s no language barrier, I have it too, it’s just if it’s gonna be in your Arcade machine, people might be like WTF?! Also the character names are different. And that isn’t the main point I was making… Load time would be weird on an arcade machine…

there’s barely any load time, really, especially if you align your lens when it needs alignment.

i have personal experience with the MGCD. it’s pretty good, except that the video doesn’t look all that crisp. maybe it’s the video amps that they use… i’ve thought about hacking the amps and putting in my own.