DREAMCAST to PS2 controller converter

does anyone know where i can get a DREAMCAST to PS2 converter or who ever knows how to modify one? i will be more than happy to pay a reasonable price!

didn’t someone tell you in another thread that a converter like that doesn’t exist? O_o

Ive got one for sale, ill post a pic tomorrow, make me an offer?


Isn’t that a ps2 to DC converter?

It sure is.

Not according to the picture title, but yes. DC to PS1/2 doesn’t exist. Get yourself a PS1/2 PCB instead.

hold on so the thread starter wants to use a dc pad on a ps2??? is he mad??


Maybe he has a DC arcade stick or something. I’ve looked for the same type of adapter for that reason before. But yeah… I never found one.

They don’t exist.

hey, how much for your converter??

that’s the converter i have. Got it from Play Asia. Works ONLY WITH PSX. PS2 dual shock/non dual shock and HRAP2s it doesn’t work with, although i hear differently from some people.

The Total Control Plus with the EMS logo on the front of the converter doesn’t seem to work with anything PS2, at least, for me.

Anyone know anything about this?

It works fine with PS2 stuff. You probably got a faulty one. Just tell whoever you ordered from to swap it or something.

I wanted a converter like this a while back, and still do.

I like the DC pads. :x


I sent Play Asia an email. We’ll see what happens.