Dreamcast to PS2 converter, is it possible?

i know they dont sell it, but any way to open up my Agetec and somehow wire ps2 to it?

edit: i am trying to just add a ps1 pcb board inside and have 2 wires comin out of it, 1 for DC and 1 for PS.

I was told I need an A series hacked ps1 controller, so im trying to get one. if you have one for sale, please PM me or post here.

also, do i just tie wire around each button, than match it up to the ps1 buttons? no soldering involved?

get a ps1 a series and switch out the pcbs. You can also buy an a series controller and solder it correctly to the dc pcb or just solder onto the buttons and stick. Im sure that will work. That way you can have a dc and psx controller w\o buying a converter.

is there more information on how to do this? whats a series controller, and if i do buy a ps1 controller, is there instructions on how to solder it on the DC pcb

This won’t work right off the bat. you’ll need to add a switch to the power lines too. it’s not hard at all.

search for “Dual PCB Trouble” and you’ll find a thread that has lots of info from ShinAce.

and Megaman, i’ve seen a thread here where someone linked to a DC to PS adapter. try a search.

ok, ill search dual PCB trouble.

just to let you know, dreamcast to ps2 doesnt exist. ur thinking of ps2 to dreamcast.

no, it does exist. i really did see a thread with links to those things a while back. they’re really rare and hard to find though.

well, i serched and searched and couldnt find a converter. any tips how i physically add a ps2 cord in it and solder it? links to info or step by step would be appreciated or if you (srk) know how to do it, please post.

i got a PSX > DC converter… backwired it and used the cord from a PSX controller and a slot from a DC extension cord… it works… but it’s ghetto as fuck… the R/L buttons don’t work though… u can only use Z and C (so it’s fine with an agetec)

i would like to see this…

megamands - i forgot who, but search for that person who made an optimus prime stick. i remember it having both a dreamcast and a PSONE PCB.

but why not just switch out the DC PCB with a PS PCB, and buy a PS to DC converter?

i would like to see how you did this as well.

i never thought about that, can you explain or link a thread explaining how to swap out PCBs?

i had this old converter that didn’t have abox (like the innovation one, where the VMU slot’s on the controller port)… it was basically just a wire…

i took the input/outputs on them and swapped them for the ones that i said… there was exactly the same setup in both, so i just took a guess and made sure the pins went in the logical holes… and it worked… i’ll draw a diagram in paint for you… better idea…

EDIT: scratch that… it’s a bitch to use paint… i’ll get a diagram up… and i’ll ebay the old converter i used.


that’s the converter…

pop the DC port side off and replace it with the input jack from a DC extension cord. the pins are exactly the same and you set it up with teh same colors. that part’s easy… i’ll draw a diagram with the PSX part later.

i am trying to just add a ps1 pcb board inside and have 2 wires comin out of it, 1 for DC and 1 for PS.

I was told I need an A series hacked ps1 controller, so im trying to get one. if you have one for sale, please PM me or post here.

also, do i just tie wire around each button, than match it up to the ps1 buttons? no soldering involved? thanks mixah for all your help so far.

Also there is limited room in the agetec. If I remember rite you would have to cut out some of the plastic inside for a better fit. yeah u could use the solderless A series hack. You would also have to tie the grounds in thogether and put a switch in there also wich requires soldering. i did this but I soldered mine. And there is a perfect out of the way area for the switch next to the memory card port.

ok, i did it last night, heres what i did and happened.

I opened up the agetec, bought a 3rd party ps1 controller, some eletrical tape, wire, solder, and a swich. I took out the pcb of the ps1.

I soldered wires to all the buttons on the pcb, (up down left right, lp, mp, ,hp, lk mk hk, l1 r1 and ground). i then cut all the colored wires in the agetec. i soldered all the wires that i already soldered on the pcb onto the cut wires to there apropriate spots (ie. triangle to HP switch). i put a switch (one that turns off in the middle, then on if u flip left or right) and connected the agtec ground to 1 side and the ps1 pcb ground to the other.

I closed it all up. now heres what happened.

i put it to my DC and played mvc2 just fine when it the switch was on DC. everything worked. BUT when i turned on my ps2 and flipped it to ps2, it started just scrolling down the menu at super speed. when i push buttons they dont register but when i push up or down it registers up or down AND presses buttons. It seemed like everything was being pushed at the same time.

Anyone have any ideas of what i did wrong? I think it was the electrical tape touching other parts of other electrical tape on the 4 up down left right soldered parts. But im not sure if electrical tape carries a current to every other tape it is touching. The only reason i used tape is because sometimes the wires were coming off the solder so i taped over it and some touched each other.

i didnt plug in ps2 and DC at the same time so dont ask about that.

Electrical tape does not carry current.

Ok, i took out the PCB and now im just going to solder them onto a new PCB. I just bought a SONY ps1 H series.

can someone highlight the side i need to solder on because maybe thats what i did wrong.

joystick (up down left right) do i solder on the right or left side of up and down, and top or bottom of left and right?

start select do i solder on the top black half or the bottom?

square triangle circle X this one is confusing, where side do i solder on any of them?

Well I cant see the pics u posted cuz Im on a crappy PC rite now but Ill try to explain the best I can. First off ill start with the switch. Im not sure if wiring the grounds will work. In mine i cut the power wires and soldered them to the switch.
the middle pin is always on so wire the power coming from the pads to middle pin of the switch. And the wires coming from the cord-console end wire one of the wires to the right pin and the other wire to the left pin on the switch.

And for the soldering points. Asyou can see there are 2 parts to each button. Look at each one, one side should trace off to a dead end so to speak and the other end should connect to another button. This one that connects to other button/s will be the ground. it should be fairly simple to trace visually. Im not familiar with PS psbs but this stuff is genreal pad hacking knowledge. And Im sure there should be some pics or tuts of the pad ur hacking ince the PS is very popular.

And the lil black stuff u are refering to u should not solder to. scrape it off with a flat head screw driver or exacto knife. You want to solder to the copper traces on the pcb.

I did this mod with my agetec and it works. DUAL DC PS STICK!!!

yeah may look like shit, but plays like the shit.


ok, thanks alot for ur help. i redid it and the SAME thing happened, it just goes down and all the buttons are being pressed at the same time, so i guess i soldered the pcb right but something is wrong with the wiring connected to the DC wires.

care to explain what you did? i dont care what it looks like, as long as it works.